You Did Not Know These Shows Are Based On Comic Books – 5 Is One Of The Most-Watched Series Worldwide

Whether you are an avid comic book fan or a television series lover, you have the best of both worlds. Some of us love to binge over a nice series or just read comic books. Nowadays, a lot of tv series that popped out on TV are based on graphic novels and comic books. 

1. “I Am Not Okay With This”

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This American web television series is a comedy-drama tv show. Thus, based on the comic book of the same name-comic-book written by Charles Forsman, this comic book turned into a tv series released on Netflix. To be exact, it was aired last February 26, 2020. It was a nice show that received a lot of positive reviews. However, its season two that was supposedly for filming last August 2020 was canceled. It was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affects the airing of the said show. 

The flow of the story involves supernatural powers and abilities, though not that of a superhero storyline.

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