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There are chances that you have heard of Arena of Valor as there are some of the popular DC heroes in it. You may have heard about it from a friend or some online articles. The new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is fantastic, and it also features compelling characters from the DC verse. You may have heard that there’s some game where you can play as Superman and Batman.

The reason was that mobile games often have cross-promotional strategies with various companies. Like in Mobile Strike, they introduced Mr. Olimpia- Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. But in AoV they didn’t pay a big star to promote the game, but they spent huge amount of money and put heavy efforts to build the game.

Not only, AoV has acquired rights from DC for the DC heroes, but they had to plan how they can implement these characters inside the game. The team had to completely design the abilities of these heroes for excellent gameplay experience and gave the characters justice. If you haven’t played it yet, then let me inform you, you won’t be disappointed. The abilities, skills, animations, and talents are captured innovatively.

You will relieve the experience of movies and comics. The game has taken a remarkable decision on which roles of all these DC characters to show in it. There are various depictions of each character in the DC comics and movies. So, they had to take a wise decision on which roles of these characters they will follow up.

What These DC Heroes Are Doing In Arena Of Valor
What These DC Heroes Are Doing In Arena Of Valor

Superman | Prominent Among DC Heroes

As per example, our favorite Superman character is built according to character lore, and the look is designed from the comic world and movies. The gameplay character is strong, tough, and can fly; the fundamental strengths of the character are well executed. In the game, Superman also has heat vision and frost breath abilities.

When you play against him or as him, you will think you are dealing with the Superman, the Man of Steel with magnificent power. This character version of Superman is well suited in the game.

What These DC Heroes Are Doing In Arena Of Valor

Batman | One of The Best DC Superheroes

In comic books and also in movies, the character arc of Batman is very cunning. He is one of the prominent DC heroes to exist along with Superman. The character has incredible stealth skills. And, AoV has also presented him as a stealthy hero who has the capability of invisibility and can quickly defeat the opponents. The character lore is nicely shown to bring out his skills and abilities accurately in the game. The gameplay character also wears his significant cape. As game love and a DC fan, you will love to play the game as Batman and victory over your opponent.

What These DC Heroes Are Doing In Arena Of Valor
What These DC Heroes Are Doing In Arena Of Valor

The Joker | Not A Hero But Significant DC Character

The version of Batman’s arch-enemy the Joker in Arena of Valor suits the version in the Batman TAS. There are some extra touches to the character inspired by the movie The Dark Knight, where Heath Ledger portrait the role in the best way. In the game, he has a gun and a card in his hands. He takes out an enormous rocket from his pocket and aims at the enemies. The gameplay character is very elusive to pull out his disappearing acts.

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