Watch Superheroes – 2 Blockbusters For Your Superhero Passion

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Superheroes films mostly take place within a real/natural environment; for example, one would see that the most successful superhero genre movies so far takes place within the city of New York. Spiderman and Captain America literally took place within New York City.

However, other than taking place within a city, most of the time, superheroes films tend to be action/adventure stories. The reason why is because that is what is most lucrative within the comic book and superhero genre. However, if you take a look at the recent Spiderman reboot, you will note that it is a much different story than the earlier ones. Most of the earlier stories were set in New York or the surrounding area. The reboot, however, took place around eight years after the original story, where Peter Parker had been bitten by a genetically modified spider.

Iron Man

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The success of the superheroes film has led to a number of other related projects. For example, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were team-up films, and The Wolverine was a spinoff of the latter. These films, however, did very poorly at the box office, but provided an early example of how poorly comic book/superhero movies can sometimes do.

Another similar superheroes film is X-Men: First Class. This film follows the story of Professor X, and also features future X-Men like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm. Unlike the X-Men, First Class is well received. It was also a box office hit. One reason for this was the unique blend of the young and old versus the traditional Superman villains. Other reasons include the lead character, Patrick Stewart, getting to act in his own spinoff film.

Ant Man

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There are two more films in the works starring one of the most popular superheroes ever, and they are tentatively called Kick Ass and Kick Christmas. These two films are tentatively scheduled to start filming in June 2021, with the Ant Man and The Incredible Hulk films already on their way.

The reason that these two movies will probably be a box office hit is the combination of the comedic tone of the superheroes and the potential for a great deal of violence. With all of the violence in the real world today, it seems that audiences are willing to give any movie the opportunity to have a bit of comedy.

Amazing Spider-Man

Finally, there are two movies I would recommend to those looking to see a superhero’s film. The first is Amazing Spider-Man, which has a cast featuring a great assortment of comic book superheros. The film itself chronicles the development of the Peter Parker character after he finds out he has been bitten by a radioactive spider.

This leads to a period of misunderstanding as to how this event occurred, as well as an examination of both the strength and the weaknesses of Peter Parker, making for a fun and entertaining film. The second would be X-Men: The Wolverine, which is the third film in the X-Men series. While it doesn’t have the comic book intrigue of its predecessor’s, The Wolverine does have its own set of interesting characters and story elements.

Both films are in the early stages of development, but based on the trailers they’ve released so far, I’m expecting great things from both films. For a fan of comic books, either film should be a fantastic viewing experience. Both actors, Andrew Garfield and James Toback, have earned praise for their portrayal of Spider-Man and Wolverine respectively, so chances are very good that either one of these films will be a huge success.

Final Words

So if you’re looking for a comic book and superhero film, then you’re in luck. These films continue to be highly popular with moviegoers of all ages. So even if you don’t like either of these films, I’d recommend you give them a try. The only bad thing that could happen is that you’ll hate the movies. That’s happened to a lot of people who start to see the Avengers and Spider-Man films and find they aren’t a big fan, but with time, they grow to love them and understand why they are so popular.

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