Top Five Selling Sexy Superhero Comics For 2021

sexy superhero comics

With the popularity of DC Comics and Marvel comics, it was only a matter of time for sexy superhero comics to enter the comic scene. After all, superheroes have always been attracted to women. The appeal of superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, The Incredible Hulk, The New Mutants, X-Men, and many others is understandable. Women are drawn to these strong characters because they are strong and powerful. And just like any strong, powerful woman is attracted to a man with a good sense of adventure, these comic book heroes also have a great love life and romance within their stories.

Great Stories

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So sexy superhero comics were born! These stories are very different from the run-of-the-mill superhero you’ve grown accustomed to. In these stories, the superheroes have superpowers that give them the ability to do things they would normally only dream of doing in real life. Think of the recruits at the gym who turn into gladiators when they put on a weight belt. Or how about the mutant commando who has to kill dangerous vs. evil agents without getting hit in the head with a rocket-propelled rocket?

To keep readers interested, however, these newbies need a lot of love, attention, and cheering from their female superheroine supporters. This is where the sexy superhero comics begin. Women get excited by powerful women. They want to cheer for the favorite and root her on. It’s not uncommon for readers to buy multiple issues of a comic book series just so they can root for their favorite female superheroes.

The Indulgence

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One of the most attractive features of these comics is the art. Since they are drawn to be sexually titillating to both men and women, the creators of these comic books understand the needs of both sexes. This is why the overwhelming majority of these sexy superhero webcomics are drawn in a highly eroticized manner. Because of this, it is easy for female readers to appreciate them. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but the digital comics of today have an overwhelmingly sexual appeal to many of their readers.

If you want to get started reading some of the best DC Universe reckonings, why not start with “DC Universe Superpowers” by writer Dan DiCarlo and artist Michael Avionics. The first issue is simply spectacular. Covering the early years of the legendary Batman, as well as introducing a new Batgirl and Robin, this book will lay the ground for what is to come. A must-read for any fan of the caped crusader.

Some Famous Comics

Another great seller in the DC comic book world is “DC Universe: Darkseid War” written by Geoff Johns and penciled by him and artist Tom Brokaw. The second issue just came out, and sales reports have been great. This digital collection contains all of the best parts of the Darkseid war storyline and showcases the depth that Johns and his team can create. Even those readers who have nothing much interest in the Batman franchise should find this one of the most engaging.

The third issue of DC Comics’ “DC Universe: Metalverse” is written by James Robinson and is the third highest-selling DC comic of all time and is sure to be a must-read for any fan. With an all-star lineup including appearances by famous DC villains like Deathstroke, Green Arrow, and more, this title promises to be a smashing success. This digital collection sells for a great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 reviews. It includes a number one trade-in cover by superstar artist Tim Saleh and is expected to sell like hotcakes.


One other title that was recently added to the DC Universe: Metaverse” is “Titans Hunt”. Set after the events of the last “New Teen Titans” series, this series features an all-star lineup of characters from the hit TV show as well. With writer Amy Grant and artist, Tony Siguere creates a fantastic story, this is sure to be a real hit with both hardcore DC fans and new readers alike. This DVD collection was recently featured on Digital Book Reader, which gave it a fair shake by recommending it to users without any negative feedback or criticism. With many positive reviews, it is sure to be another huge hit with both old and new readers alike.

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