Top 10 Most Iconic Female Super Hero DC Comics

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What’s so great about a female super hero? For starters, she has been around for centuries, unlike most superheroes who only began popularizing their own comic book title at the very last minute. There have also been many iconic female superheroes including Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and The Golden Girl. These established women have always had their own storylines to follow and now that these titles continue to be published, more will be introduced.

An Overview

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What’s great about these comic book creations is that they’re not only written by top writers, but they’re also extremely creative and have an amazing set of characters. Often, female super hero storylines are some of the most interesting, because they tackle tough topics that can be difficult to talk about in a typical family setting. These stories deal with domestic violence, teenage pregnancy and rape. It’s hard to take a young girl or woman, who’s been raised to believe that she will never be a super hero because of the dangers involved with such a career path. Luckily, there have been a lot of successful female super hero storylines that deal with all sorts of issues and tackle tough topics in a mature fashion.

Top DC Comic Books 

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One of the most popular and best-selling female super hero storylines of all time was written by Greg Ruckley and illustrated by Warren Ellis. “The Avengers” series featured several amazing Avengers, which included Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America. The Avengers are a great team, featuring a variety of strong women who fight for change and peace in the world. This series is still ongoing and has a long future ahead of it. It’s well worth the read.

Another female superhero that has long been in comic books is Wonder Woman. She’s a warrior who has the ability to turn herself into a powerful lance and able to fly. She uses her knowledge of magic and martial arts to help those in need. Although she is strong, she is not indestructible. She was one of the first female superheroes to get her own comic book series and has continued to be an integral part of the comic book world. Her fighting skills are shown off in her latest movie “Wonder Woman”.

There have also been a lot of female superheroes who have been inspired by other people in history. One of these inspirations was The Incredibles. The father of one of the original members of the team, its Robert Antigua, was a former pilot who became a super hero in the comic book world. His story was later turned into a feature film and series of cartoons.

Notable Performance

One of the most notable female superhero who started off as just a friend of Peter Parker, Spiderman, is a modern day wonder and he is a staple in any comic book lover’s collection. The modern day Spiderman has many different versions, all of them different in their attitude and costume design. It has been described as one of the most iconic comic books of all time and has constantly sold in stores. Many other comic book heroes have come before and since, but the modern day Spiderman has stayed true to his comic book origins and has become one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

Wonder woman is another famous female super hero and she is oftentimes depicted wearing a costume that closely resembles a modern day super hero’s outfit. She is a strong independent character and has been shown to be strong enough to take on the likes of criminals and more traditional super-villains. She is one of the earliest superheroes to be created and she quickly became a fan favorite. She has been featured in comics since her introduction and has developed various relationships with many of her fellow heroes over the years.


One of the newest female superheroes to become a breakout star has been Supergirl. Kara Zoline, a young adult, has been given super hero status after developing a relationship with Superman. Supergirl has been featured in several comics and has developed a whole new adventure in her own series. She has taken on the role of the first truly good super hero when it comes to women and has proven that she can overcome any challenge that comes her way. She is now an important part of the comic book world and has set the bar for many future women super heroes.

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