The Top Five Female Superhero Movies Of All Time

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The Bat Family is one of the most popular supporting casts in any female superhero movies. Admittedly, this ensemble isn’t especially remarkable. However, what makes them memorable is the fact that every woman who’s invested in watching the Bat family falls in love with them and wants to be a part of it. 

If you love comic books and want to see some good movies set in the dark world of Gotham City, the Bat family is definitely the film for you.

The Bat

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The very first Bat character was introduced way back in 1939’s Batman. After the crime rate went through a drastic increase in New York, the masked crusader was faced with responsibility for protecting the city. As a result, he went into business for himself and created the bat signal, which is still visible across the city today. Batman is every bit a fearless leader who fights villains and stands up for the innocent, which makes him an everyday hero in the eyes of millions of men, women and children.

Wonder Woman

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One of the best known and most loved superheroes in the world is Wonder Woman. In her comics, she’s the Princess of Paradise Island and an Amazon who have the unique ability to fly. She’s also an accomplished fighter and skilled fighter among other things, so much so that she’s frequently featured in her own comic series. Most importantly, though, Wonder Woman stands up for women alone, which makes her a true female protagonist in superhero movies.

Bat Girl

First introduced in Batman v. Superman, Bat Girl has been a faithful fan favorite since she first wore the Bat suit and started practicing martial arts and gymnastics. She’s a strong, confident fighter who stands up to whatever bad guy crosses her path and is beloved by most of her fellow heroes.

Professor Marlowe

The villain known as Professor Marlowe is actually the illegitimate son of a rich family who was trying to raise his brother instead. Because of this, he had all of the poor people in the city beaten to death with acid, making him a sadistic menace. 

However, he was always trying to do good deeds and help out the poor and powerless, and later on, after being disfigured, he took on the identity of a normal man to live a normal life. He became an expert in psychology and became a teacher at a mental institute. Eventually, he reformed and joined the fight against villains, and remains one of the best-loved female superheroes throughout the ages.


 It may be tough to place these two together, but they’re practically inseparable from one another. Hawkeye, also known as Jeanette Lee, is an exceptional sniper and a founding member of the Avengers. She uses archery, knives, guns and even a powerful laser beam. Hawkeye is a constant thorn in Captain America’s side and one of the most iconic female characters in comic books and the movies. She was also super wise and a brilliant hacker who could see into Cap’s mind before he could.

Wonder Woman: She is perhaps the most well-known female hero in history. She is also one of the most loved and longest lasting. Wonder Woman is a mythical warrior princess who can take on almost any enemy, weapon and situation in her path without ever losing her cool. She uses her beauty, intelligence, skill and knowledge to keep herself and her fellow female heroes safe. She is also a great mother and a friend to those around her.

Final Verdict 

These are only four of the many incredible female heroes that have come before us. There are countless more to be found in comic books, movies, television and beyond. However, these four have been our favorites for decades now, and no other comic book or movie has changed those values more than Wonder Woman has. We can only hope that other female heroes will continue to fulfill the same role in the future.

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