The Top 5 Superhero Movies

For comic book and superhero fans, here are the top 5 superhero movies to date! By this, we mean that they’re the top 5 in terms of box office earnings, ratings, and more. We know that it’s tough to choose the best of the best, so we had to use the mentioned factors to narrow them down. Take a look at what we’ve got. 

The Top 5 Superhero Movies: Off-The-Roof Box Office Ratings 

There has to be some sort of border, or rather, a basis in ranking these mind-blowing superhero movies! If not, anybody can well have his or her own personal favorites. And when that happens, there’s no way to be objective about it. 

Thus, we’ve simplified it and collated what we could to our best devices. For this top 5, we’ve decided to divide them into categories. The first half is based on box office earnings. How much these movies made in the theaters and which ones garnered the highest cha-chings, if you know what we mean. 

Top 5 Superhero Movies: In Descending Order 

1. The Incredibles – $1.24B 

You didn’t expect this, did you? Neither did we! Another masterpiece by Pixar Animation, it was a unique take on superheroes. Instead of live-action/ sci-fi, the entire thing is fully animated! Hats off to Pixar for coming up with a storyline that isn’t only about cuteness and laughs, but has thrilling action that’s kid-friendly.

Plus, audiences seem to appreciate the morals behind the movie which is about family. 

2. Black Panther – $1.35B 

Here’s not only a superhero phenomenon but also a cultural one. Black Panther finally made it to the silver screen! Most notably, it has become the first movie that starred people of color (dang, Hollywood, it took this long?). Still, we’re thankful that director Ryan Coogler took the chance and took the lead. 

As usual, Marvel did not disappoint with its visual effects. On the other hand, what makes this film stand out is the way it blended technology with culture. One did not overshadow the other. They were two sides of the same coin. They were on a level playing field.

3. Avengers: Age Of Ultron – $1.40B; & The Avengers – $1.52B

We merged both of these because… well… because… you can’t really say no to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers movies! The first one was the introduction of your beloved main superheroes. The second, Age of Ultron, is where they really were able to show how they work as a team. How they were no longer solo fliers but were already a part of a team—the Avengers. 

4. Avengers: Infinity War – 2.05B

The Top 5 Superhero Movies

Finally, we were able to see a tipping-of-the-scales here. Something that tested your superheroes’ limits. When Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all living things in every galaxy, it hit home with audiences. Your heroes lost loved ones, and this is a theme that many, if not all, can relate to. 

Although it ended on a sad note, it made you and the rest of the world hopeful and expectant of how the team would turn this around and win. 

5. Top 5 Superhero Movies: Avengers: Endgame – 2.80B

Just look at that staggering number! More than 2 billion! However, it’s not only this that matters, of course. Endgame was a highly anticipated movie because its previous films had set the perfect crescendo for it. This was the powerful beacon of hope that would uphold your Avengers high and mighty. And high and mighty were each and every one of them! 

Though some major characters had to say goodbye, it’s still the culmination of the most amazing prequels yet, in superhero movie history

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