The Top 5 Strongest Marvel Characters

Strongest Marvel Characters

When it comes to the strongest Marvel characters, we face a conundrum. Just like the way we go berzerk trying to come up with a post about the top 5 female superheroes and all. They drive us to the wall! 

Because it’s almost impossible to choose only a select few from the myriad of phenomenal (and understated) characters in the Marvel universe. So, we’ve based this list on favorites, not only of comic book fans but of movie-goers. Plus, their popularity due to their screen time. And of course, their powers. 

Avengers!… A… Let’s begin! 

5 Strongest Marvel Characters
The Top 5 Strongest Marvel Characters

Strongest Marvel Characters: 5 Of The Best 

5. Captain Marvel

Yes, yes, you’ve seen the clip where she disarms and, really, destroys Thanos’ ginormous spacecraft, the Sanctuary II. By that alone, you know that this strongest Marvel character oozes power and strength. With that, we’ve included here on this top 5. 

The Kree-native has strength, durability, and speed that surpasses that of many others. At the same time, she’s able to shapeshift and act as a vessel for absorbing energy. We may not have seen these on the silver screen yet. But her comic book version is one tough superhero indeed.

4. Vision

True, Vision was formed by man. By none other than Tony Stark himself. Although if we’re going to be technical about it, Ultron was his creator. Then again, we won’t be exploring that here. Instead, let’s talk about what this Marvel Universe character can do. 

Vision is superhuman in everything— physicality, intelligence, and sense. Thus, he isn’t only about brute strength, or out-of-this-world genius. He also is capable of understanding what makes humanity’s moral compass stand strong in the midst of chaos. In the end, all of these combined are why he is looked up to in the Marvel universe.

3. Captain America

Echoing something we’ve mentioned in the paragraph before, you’re already aware of how Steve Rogers has THAT moral compass which makes him selfless and ready to protect anybody who is done injustice to. 

This is the very reason why he was the perfect specimen for the super-soldier serum. He would never take advantage of his powers. Alternatively, he’s only concerned for the greater good, and for fighting on the side of good against evil.

2. Wolverine

Your rogue superhero. He may not have a spotless history. However, Wolverine’s almost tragedy-filled past has allowed him to be the superhero we know and love. 

Able to regenerate and heal his own physical wounds, with adamantium claws that cannot be shattered by any other element or material, it’s his persistence and his eventual turn towards defending the oppressed that encapsulates his being a part of the X-Men.

1. Thor

Top 5 Strongest Marvel Characters
Strongest Marvel Characters

Despite the fact that he’s one of the pilot characters revealed in the Marvel cinematic universe, many don’t quite understand the power that Thor actually possesses. He’s a friggin’ god, for crying out loud! And unfortunately, that aspect of him has been downplayed on film. 

Still, the god of thunder and lightning not only wields these elements to unimaginable heights, but he also has super strength, agility, speed, endurance, and injury-resistance. Moreover, he has access to magic. Yup. This strongest Marvel character does, though rarely relies on it. 

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