The Top 5 Female Superheroes: The Strongest Of Them All!

Top 5 Female Superheroes

Here are our favorite top 5 female superheroes that are super for a reason. And though it was definitely an arduous (and hair-gripping) task to come up with a shortlist, we did, based on collated fan faves as well as superpowers, and the characters’ back-stories. 

You may have your own Top 5 in mind so tell us what you think about our shortlist in the comment section! Now, let’s talk female badasses in the comic book world!

Top 5 Female Superheroes: Fan Favorites 

Best Top 5 Female Superheroes
The Top 5 Female Superheroes

5. Invisible Woman 

The first female superhero as released by Marvel (then Timely)? Yes, please! Sue Storm doesn’t get as much attention these days, especially because she was played by an actress who… didn’t exactly do well in bringing out her true character. Additionally, because 2 remakes turned out to be… disappointing on the silver screen (you were thinking it too, y’all). 

But really, the Invisible Woman, through her powers of invisibility and manipulation of force fields makes her as strong, if not stronger than those with superstrength. Plus she did so WHILE raising 2 kids!

4. Storm 

Top 5 Female Superheroes List
Top 5 Female Superheroes

Another hero with the same name (almost), only this time, she’s a part of the X-Men and has her name literally because that’s what she is. Rather, that’s what she does—- manipulates the weather and rages it on into a storm. 

The movies didn’t do her and her capabilities justice. But if you’re an avid comic book fan (like us), you know the extent of what storms of lightning, thunder, hurricanes, you name it, she can conjure.

3. Wasp

The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally gave the Wasp some screen time. Though, a sneak preview, if we may say so. True, Janet Van Dyne’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne took on the mantle to continue her and the Ant-Man’s (Hope’s father, Hank Pym), either of the generations is perfect examples to showcase that strength doesn’t come in size. 

Her unique fighting skills (and ability to work with other people— hello, the next gen Ant-Man Scott Lang) are what let her as flexible (both literally and metaphorically) as she is.

2. Oracle 

Better, and formerly known as Batgirl, she became Oracle after she met a near-fatal shooting (by the Joke, no less). Her being fixed on her wheelchair, what with then becoming paraplegic, made Barbara Gordon (yes, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon himself) delve into technology. 

Thus, this allowed her to have intel into a worldwide network, disarm and catch villains from across the planet. And although her “accident” allowed her to lose her physical crime-fighting skills, her intelligence has stayed in-tact and as impregnable as ever.

1. She-Hulk 

Finally, we’re down to our top 1. And you knew we were going to include She-Hulk on here. There are tons of the best female superheroes out there with superstrength. However, we’d like to focus on this green female because of the fact that she is able to still have full control of her mind in and out of transformations. 

Moreover, her background in the field of law has proven her a symbol of justice, and right and wrong, for those around her (and us, mere mortals). 

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