The Top 5 Best Female Superheroes

Ever wondered who the best female superheroes are? With the sudden surge of comic book superheroes hitting the silver screen, it was inevitable for female leads to finally take-to-center-stage. Let’s celebrate the strong female superheroes that can take on any villain, or any other challenge that the boys can. 

Here are the best female superheroes ranked according to their capabilities and superpowers, and probably their kill-capacity, as well. But we’ll do our best to make it PG. *Wink. 

The Best Female Superheroes: The Dawn Of Female Defenders 

Since their first appearance on comic book pages and then later, the cinemas, superheroes have found a place in the growing world of adventure, fantasy, and a knack for kicking ass. Villain’s, that is. 

Plus, with CGI (Computer Graphic Images) and its accompanying technological advancements moving up the prongs of the innovation ladder faster every day, you, along with other audiences (us, included), have been hooked! And that’s saying something. 

Needless to say, everyone has his or her preference regarding who the best of the best are. However, on this list, we’ve come up with this ranking system based on what they can do, along with fan input (of course). Tell us what you think. 

The Best Female Superheroes: The Top 5 

The Top 5 Best Female Superheroes

5. Storm 

The mutant who has control over the weather. And may we add, a phenomenal control over thunder and lightning shows that are as lethal as lethal gets. Not only is she able to control the weather, but she can also manipulate it to do her bidding, psionics, as many know the word. 

And that weather no matter how vast the area. If Storm’s headed your way, the storm’s headed your way. Get it? (probably a weak catchphrase but we like it)

4. She-Hulk 

Many think that this super green, super lady is a mere copy of the super green, super-strong Hulk. Yes, She-Hulk was also exposed to gamma-radiation via her cousin’s blood (her cousins, being Bruce Banner himself), she’s much more than meets the eye. 

In contrast to the Hulk, she is able to retain control over her mind and emotions, as well as over when to transform into her green alter-ego superhero.  

3. Wonder Woman

In truth (through the Lasso Of Truth, that is), this Amazonian princess is in a league that’s distinct to her people of Themyscira. In addition to her superhuman strength and hand-to-hand combat prowess, Wonder Woman can glide on the wind’s currents, as though she can fly. 

Most notable about the demigoddess’ weapons is, as mentioned earlier, the Lasso Of Truth. Further, her bracelets are as shields— indestructible against any other weapon. 

2. Scarlet Witch

The twin of Quicksilver and the daughter of Magneto himself (though due to copyright claims between Disney and Fox, you haven’t seen any of the blockbuster giants together… yet), Scarlet Witch is more powerful than the cinematic universe has portrayed her so far

When in fact, Scarlet Witch psychokinesis and probability manipulation is enough to make one deathly afraid (either that or a total fan). Moreover, she has reality-warping on her fingertips. Quite literally. Her flaming red Chaos Magic can crush anything… and anyone.

1. Captain Marvel 

Finally, we’ve come top the top pick. The best female superhero— Captain Marvel. Judging by her name alone, you can hear explosiveness ringing in the background. And that’s nothing compared to the superhero hailing from an intergalactic empire called the Kree. 

From superhuman reflexes to superhuman strength, superhuman senses, everything superhuman. And although the movies haven’t shown her character in full force, Captain Marvel has precognition (limited, but still) and shapeshifting abilities! 

So, what do you think of our Top 5? There are so many other female superheroes that deserve the world’s attention. Who else would you like to be included in this list?

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