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90s superhero movies

There are many popular television shows that you may have enjoyed during the 90s, which is why it can be hard to narrow it down to one single genre of movie. From the aforementioned gritty and dark dramas, to goofy comedies, to slapstick flicks, many of these movies go down easily as some of today’s best or most memorable films. If you are looking for a film that you may wish to catch the first time out, you should certainly look towards some of these classic films. Find out what we mean by this.


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Batman is easily one of the best 90’s superhero movies that you can watch. It tells the story of how Batman rises to greatness, using his knowledge of law and justice, as well as his own personal will and determination to do right in the eyes of his city. The film deals with the brutal attack on the city of Gotham City by the criminal mastermind, Bane (Tom Hardy). With the help of a group of unlikely characters, including Commissioner Gordon (Anne Hathaway), Batgirl (Helena Bonham Carter), The Riddler (Raising Helen), and Robin (Jude Law), Batman rallies a rag-tag bunch of freedom fighters against Bane, who he hopes will use chemical weapons to attack the city once and for all.

In this version of Batman, Anne Hathaway is quite the eligible candidate for the lead role. This is because she has a perfect face for playing the caped crusader, as well as being quite sweet and charming in the role. However, her dramatic elements are not her only assets. She is also quite adept at playing smart as well as tough, which makes her a great choice as the next Batman.

Other 90’s Batman Movies

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Another great 90s Batman movie istropolis skyline, starring Billy Crystal as the dimwitted but lovable rodent, Two Face. This film has many classic elements in it, like a love story that is a little over handled or under depicted (two guys kiss, no one gets hurt, etc), a crazy city that’s like a fantasy, a few quotable lines, and good cameos by some lesser-known comic book and superhero actors (like Michael Caine and John Aston). In fact, two of the best Batman movies ever made were directed by Tim Burton, so there’s a little bit of crossover appeal with his films as well. The late George Clooney also directed a fantastic 90s Batman movie, called miss me, and stars Matt Damon as the dark, brooding villain. In fact, this film got its name from its villain, Dent.

The Comparison

While both of these 90’s superhero movies are fantastic, they are not the only great examples of this genre. There are several other great examples of this era that you may have never even heard of. One such example is the underrated Saw series of movies, which tell the story of a group of amateur filmmakers who start out making low budget horror movies, and when their company goes belly up, they throw an elaborate party to celebrate. It’s just enough mystery for the audience to care about, without getting too gory or distasteful. The Saw series finale is, arguably, one of the best examples of this genre, where the evil organization, A.S.C. (isons Control Complex) traps the last of the original members of their team, in order to use them as guinea pigs in testing their new plague.

Iron Man And Spider Man

Two of the best superhero movies ever made are Iron Man and Spider-Man, and while neither of them get the reverence or critical acclaim they deserve, neither are they slouching by any means. Both films are Oscar Award-winning films, so they definitely deserve the award recognition, but in a different kind of way. You see, Iron Man has the unique advantage of not being a traditional comic book film, so it gets an unfair number of awards. Whereas, Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four, as superhero movies, really should have been awarded at the Oscars, they got shut out by a bunch of hack politicians who don’t seem to care about the award process, but those two films easily carry their own share of credit for helping make the Marvel comic book world what it is today.

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