The Complete Beginners Guide To Dc Comics First Black Superheroes

dc comics first black superhero

DC Comics first black superhero was Black Lightning! He was a founding member of the Justice League. He had two children who were also superheros, Lightning and Thunder. He also loved his dog Static.

The modern day Black Lightning is a superhero who uses electricity to battle villains. His abilities are so great that he is often compared to The Hulk. Yes, they do have the same power base. But they are so different they can be compared as siblings.

He made his comic book debut in the late 1970’s. He went from being an obscure character to one of the most popular comic book heroes. DC has created several characters that have followed this legendary footsteps.

Who is the DC Comics first black superhero? The answer to that question might surprise you. Let’s see.

The Green Lantern

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Ranking first is the Green Lantern. This comic book took a lot of twists and turns but it has become one of the most beloved and iconic DC Comics. It was written by Geoff Johns and is written as a sequel to the classic comic book event, Green Lantern. The story revolves around a powerful ringsman called John Stewart who travels across time and is in charge of protecting the universe.

Next on the list is another DC Comics first black superhero. The Flash is a detective in the DC Universe. He is fast and a master of speed. The Flash’s comic is very thrilling and has many interesting twists and turns. You will definitely want to read the latest installment, “Flash.”


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One more DC Comic that is a part of the big league is Shrek. A long time ago, an evil fairy had been transformed into a woman named Princess Fiona. She was a loved and wanted fairy by all but Lord Farquaad (Green Knight), who wanted her dead and forced her to become a prince. With the help of a magic spell, she became the gorgeous Princess Fiona and went on to rule over her kingdom.

There are many more DC Comics first black superheroes to mention. The list is so long that you may have a hard time getting through it all. However, it is well worth your time to read these great comic books. In fact, many of my friends started reading comics when they were kids.


In my opinion the first black superhero to come about was Spiderman. Peter Parker is a shy teenager who can be found riding a bicycle and fighting crime. This teen soon finds out that he has latent electricity due to his science project that was done while in college. The Spiderman series ran for four seasons and is still ranked as one of the best comic books of all time.

The Black Hood is another wonderful comic book that introduced a new black superhero. The Hood is an ex-convict who moves into a quiet town and begins a vendetta against those who abused and killed his family. He also is a master martial artist. The Black Hood #1 is still on shelves and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

A Heart Pounding And Soul Stirring Storyline

Another comic I consider to be a true first black superhero is Green Lantern. This is the comic that made Green Lantern a household name. Created by James Gunn, Green Lantern has gone through many changes over the years but has always given a heart pounding and soul stirring storyline. The modern day Green Lantern is more cautious of his alter ego and tries to balance his duty to humanity with his dedication to going off to save the universe.

The first black superhero to be featured in an animated medium was Black Adam. Created by artist Sal Buscema and written by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the character was a very popular and powerful antihero for many years. The TV show of the same name ran for four seasons and was canceled after the third season. However, the character was revived as part of the New 52 relaunch and has received a lot of attention since then.

Final Words

One of the most important things to remember when studying the history of DC comics is the black heroes that came before them. These were the blacks that paved the way for the superheroes we know today. Without their efforts, it is likely that modern day superheroes like Batman and Superman would not have happened. They helped shape the modern world into what it is today.

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