The Best Superhero Of All Time – Catrina

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“The Best Superhero of All Time” is one of the more challenging, yet popular titles in this year’s Best Superhero and best-selling comic book list.

“Catrina: The Resurrection” has been called something that even people who are not comic book fans would find appealing. Indeed, it is quite a pick for any comic book reader. Catrina is the latest “Young Justice” member in the DC Universe. Her debut started with quite a bang, with a series of shocking revelations regarding her past.

What Should You Know About The Best Superhero

Just like other “Young Justice” members, Catrina is another character with a different perspective to others. She has been called by fans as the comic’s “Phantom Girl.”

The Best Superhero Of All Time - Catrina
The Best Superhero Of All Time – Catrina

Catrina is the type of character that not only stands out due to her supernatural activity. She has also gained fans due to her traditional African clothing and the many sports activities she plays on her way to finding herself, as well as reconnecting with her parents. Moreover, she is well-known for being a badass in both practical and martial arts combat.

As the series chronicles, Catrina was last seen fighting along with all the other members of “Young Justice” in order to defeat Team Dark. Although it seemed that she was successful, she has gone missing since then. Her brother, Sofia, thinks that her disappearance is linked to the recent death of her father. But how far can his theory go?

Some Facts About The Best Superhero Of All Time?

“The Best Superhero of All Time” comes from the fact that the “Young Justice” writers worked hard to include a lot of interesting characters and elements into this story. This will surely add an interesting twist to this classic story, and the result will be nothing short of fantastic.

Perhaps the story’s message is as simple as its name, “The Best Superhero of All Time” is based on the events of its protagonist, Catrina. She first appeared to be just a normal girl from a normal town. The series picks up right after the conclusion of “Young Justice”. It provides the readers with an idea about how the future of the group is going to be, both with the others in the show, and how this event affected Catrina.

In addition, as the story progresses, readers will see more of Catrina and her motivation to win over her past. They will get to know the benefits she will get from the time apart and the challenge she went through to get back to her family finally. One can say that The Best Superhero gives away its idea of what the rest of the show “Young Justice” will eventually offer.

The Best Superhero Of All Time - Catrina
The Best Superhero Of All Time – Catrina

The Popularity Of The Story

Although fans of the show know this will be a common view, there are some who are a little wary about it. The viewer can expect more of the same action and drama when the show starts. Some readers think that this will be a shame for the series’ fans. There are still some interesting things left to be seen.

However, in the end, those are the viewers who are entitled to have their own opinion. Whatever the readers feel about this story, this writer, along with other series’ readers, is quite sure that the story’s theme. The concept will be irresistible to a lot of readers.

Watchers will be pleased to know that it is safe to see it in its entirety without worrying about anything. If this is already something that excites you, then go ahead and watch. Remember, the series will only continue until summer.

Bottom Line

The story’s popularity should not be dismissed just because of its age. In addition, this can also be an entertaining addition to your collection of comics.

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