The Best Superhero Comics: The Ultimate Top 5

For the best superhero comics, it’s always debatable, and always ever-changing. After all, the genius behind such superhero stories have come up with engaging pieces so creatively written (and drawn), it’s tough to choose just 5, let alone a sole “best.”

Thus, we’ve collated and combined information and rankings from others based on theme and popularity, and have come up with this shortlist. Check it out! 

Best Superhero Comics: Our Top 5

5. Annihilation Omnibus 

With the lord of the Negative Zone bent on destroying (annihilating, if you want to be punn-y about it) everything that crosses its path, Annihilus comes face to face with superheroes unifying to beat this foe. 

Gamora’s warriors and herself, the Silver Surfer (who, by the way, has gotten back in touch with a master from his past journeys), Drax the Destroyer, and more, the saga of the story of good versus evil melds galactical and fiery in this comic book epic. 

4. Uncanny X-Men 

With so many storylines interlacing into and around each other, the X-Men series, you may have noticed that the X-men series lost its original… vigor. If we may call it that. However, Chris Claremont revamped the work of O.G. writers Stan Leen and Jack Kirby (names you’re all too familiar with by now, we’re sure). 

Thus, Uncanny X-Men was born. And with the help of new mutants, the Professor, along with Cyclops, voyage toward an island where the original X-men are ensnared. You’re going to love the introduction of these new mutants and their abilities, and how they’ll work together in this rescue mission.

3. Fantastic 4 

The Best Superhero Comics: The Ultimate Top 5

DeFalco’s series has something of a hook to it. Despite receiving scathing reviews, their fanbase continued to grow. And yes, it does so even after the 2 movie flops of their cinematic version. You’ve seen them, haven’t you? But have you read their comic books? If you haven’t, don’t wait any longer! 

Also originated by your favorite Marvel creator O.G.s, you’ll witness the adventures of 4 superheroes who were once like you and me. Yet now with powers unlike any other, each story in the series is as unique as the characters themselves. 

2. The Best Superhero Comics: Daredevil

Following up on the incredible works of the Bendis and Maleev, comic book story writers Brubaker and Lark had to team up and live up to the first editions of Daredevil. Though the task was definitely daunting, they were able to weave a story that’s thrilling to the core. Daredevil himself, only, he’s in a place where villains usually end up: prison. 

Hell’s Kitchen’s becoming more and more hellish, his choices, darker and more self-destructive, his friends disappearing from his side… you’ll trace the masked superhero’s journey back as he returns to his true calling. 

1. Watchmen 

The movie version was breathtakingly suspenseful. On the other hand, you’re going to adore the comic book origin even more. This breakthrough comic book is on a different level from its contemporaries altogether. 

More than creating fantastic stories of fantastic superheroes, Watchmen tackles themes that are true-to-life and to history. You can read on to discover history as influenced and affected by the emergence of the Watchmen.

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