The Best Marvel Couples In Avengers Infinity War And Endgame

Superhero movies would not be complete if it is just all about the action-packed scenes full of CGI. The Marvel Cinematic Universe made sure that their superheroes would have their respective romantic moments. During the last two Avenger films, the MCU showcased how relevant some of the best Marvel couples are in the films.

Although they were not exactly the main plot, it still managed to melt people’s hearts. In fact, every single Marvel couple managed to have a perfect scene to show people their love. If you want to find out more about them, then just keep reading. 

The Best Marvel Couples In Avengers Infinity War And Endgame
The Best Marvel Couples In Avengers Infinity War And Endgame

Tony Stark And Pepper Potts

The very first one is all about the lucky love story of Iron Man himself and Pepper Potts. During the beginning of the Infinity War, things between the couple seemed to be going smoothly. The two even had a conversation regarding Stark’s dream of having a baby named Morgan. The two were currently engaged when Iron Man had to go to space with Spider-Man to try and stop Thanos.

In Endgame, Stark got stuck in a spaceship with Nebula until they were brought back to Earth by Captain Marvel. A couple of years after he recovered, Stark eventually got married to Potts and they had a daughter. Experts say that Potts was indeed meant to be with him, especially when she told him to simply rest after his heroic snap.

Steve Rogers And Peggy Carter

It was revealed in so many Marvel films how Steve Rogers never stopped loving Peggy Carter. Even after she died of old age, he still wished to be with her during Captain America: Civil War. When Cap time-traveled alongside Iron Man in Endgame, Rogers saw Carter once again when they went back to the 70s. In that same film, Cap was supposed to bring the stones back with the use of the time machine.

However, everyone’s hearts melted when he decided to stay in the past and live with his one true love Peggy. The film even ended with both of them dancing in the living room being finally happy together at last.

Vision And Wanda Maximoff

Unlike the first two Marvel couples, Vision and Scarlet Witch’s love story did not exactly last for long. They were even dubbed as the star-crossed lovers of the franchise because it seemed doomed from the beginning. Classic Marvel comics fan saw it coming since the two actually got married in the comics. The viewers did not exactly get to be involved in how their love story was developed with the lack of screen time.

However, it was during Infinity War when it was all tested since only Wanda can destroy the Mind Stone. When Wanda did not have a choice but to destroy the stone, things got worse since it was useless. Thanos used the Time Stone to get it and killed Vision himself, which was even more heartbreaking for Wanda.

Star-Lord Peter Jason Quill, Marvel
The Best Marvel Couples In Avengers Infinity War And Endgame

Peter Quill And Gamora

When the relationship between Star-Lord and Gamora was blooming, it seemed light and fun. However, things got pretty serious during Infinity War when Gamora needed Quill to kill her. This failed to happen thanks to Thanos and it got even worse when Quill found out she was dead. Then again, they reunited in Endgame and have the chance to rebuild their romance.

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