The Best Funny Superhero Comics That You Can Read

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If you love reading funny books then comics are a great way to get a good laugh. There are many comics available in the market and you will be entertained by the stories that they have. All these comics are hilarious and the characters are very funny. Children love to read comics and they wish to get their hands on any new comic that comes into the market. Although, superhero comics are different than other comics when it comes to being funny.

Yet, there are some comics that make you grin and laugh when you read them. Superhero comics are generally not funny and they are action-packed but there are some that will make you laugh. If you are looking for a funny superhero comic, there are many that you can buy. Here is a list of the best funny superhero comics that are available in the market. All these comics will tickle your funny bone and make you grin like anything. These are also great if you wish to gift them to a child who loves comics and superheroes.


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Spiderman is one of the most sarcastic superheroes that you can think of. Peter Parker is witty and funny which is one of the best features of the Spiderman comic book. The natural humor that you will find in this comic will make a place in your heart. You will love all the funny instances along with the funny replies. The journey of Peter as the class clown and the nerd is what touches people’s hearts and they fall in love with this cute superhero. If your child loves Spiderman, then these comics are a must-buy so that he can read funny stories about his favorite superhero.

The Tick

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The Tick is a parody and one that is so fantastic. The origin of the tick might be mysterious but he has the time to dwell on the past and see where he came from. He is a character who is determined to save the world even with some misguided assistance. He is hilarious and the instances he goes through are funny and leave the reader smiling. People end up laughing at themselves when they read this epic superhero comic and you can buy this for your child who loves comics.


The Guardians Of Galaxy movie did do a great job of bringing this group at the forefront of the Marvel universe. The movie also helped in developing the character of Peter Quill. This jokester of the movie is seriously funny and very sarcastic. When you hear his alias and the hilarious back story, you will get a good laugh. He is good at the snappy one-liners and his use of the pop culture references are very charming.


These are the best funny superhero comics that you can buy if you love having a good laugh. All these comics are not only funny but they also depict that even superheroes are humans. These superheroes are normal humans who joke around from time to time and in other times they save the Earth. If you love reading, then you can try some of these comics to see if this is the genre that you like. For children, this is teh best way to get them to read something rather than watching the movies only.

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