The Best Animated Comic Book And Cartoon Movies

Whether you were a kid when they came out or you’re a teenager and you’re just discovering the joys of superhero culture, you’ll want to know what the top picks are. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Batman Movie

One of the earliest films to come on DVD was the Batman movie. Not only was it the first Batman movie, it was the very first installment that had any semblance of a story. No one at the time seemed to quite understand the appeal of this Batman, but he was nonetheless a hugely popular character. The emphasis on his fighting skills makes this one of my favorites. If you enjoy superhero action in addition to fantastic comic book images, then this one is for you.

The year 2021 saw the release of the classic animated film, The Mask. This film not only featured the original animated Mask, but he was voiced by Tim Burton as the joker, and he is one of my favorite actors from that era of superhero entertainment. He is deadpanned in the movie, but when he shows up in future films, I am always excited.

Fantastic Four Film Franchise

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One of the more recent releases is the Fantastic Four film franchise. These films are the offspring of two of the most loved comic book characters of all time. One of them was Reed Richards, who played the young Gamma Orb, and he had trouble adjusting to life as a member of the team. The other is Johnny Storm, who is the best of the Fantastic Four, and is also an important member of the team. They are the offspring of two of the greatest cosmic beings in the universe, and they are as powerful as their father.

The last of the Fantastic Four films to hit the big screen is the last Fantastic Four movie, The Eternity. This film featured the return of Dr. Doom. In this film, he seeks to conquer the world with his newly created Skrull virus. This virus allows people to turn into evil creatures, and many people are afraid of these new super-villains.

Spiderman Comic Book Franchise

One of the more recent films to feature a Fantastic Four was the 2021 reboot of the Spiderman comic book franchise. Spiderman Returns reunites the Marvel comic book heroes with Tobey Maguire as Spidey, while bringing back one of the most recognizable faces from the comics, as Peter Parker. The movie did not do well at the box office, but it was a fun film, and it seemed like a return to form for the comic book hero. It also featured the return of Tom Holland’s Holland face, which made him a star. The film did not do well at the box office, but it did make some good comic book fans happy.


There are many reasons why these films are the best. For one, they offer great examples of the animation style. They are also very well designed, with excellent special effects and backgrounds. Animation has come a long way since the days of Batman and Superman in their comic books, and today’s animated films offer a much more realistic look at what it is like to live among superheroes. These films are entertaining and great for kids and adults, and I highly recommend them.

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