The 5 Best Female Superheroes So Far

The 5 Best Female Superheroes So Far

Here’s our shortlist of the best female superheroes in any universe. And dang was it painstakingly difficult to come up with only 5! Still, we pulled through (or had to). Despite us wanting to give you a rundown of EVERY female superhero we adore, we’ve chosen the top 5. 

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The 5 Best Female Superheroes

The 5 Best Female Superheroes So Far
The 5 Best Female Superheroes So Far

5. Supergirl

We know that there’s a whole tootin’ lot of contention regarding the “Supers” (and yes, we mean her and Superman himself) because generally, nothing makes them vulnerable. Of course, kryptonite is one. But other than that, they’re unbeatable. 

Still, we’ve included Supergirl in this top 5 set because not only is she super in every way- strength, invincibility, and flight, but she’s also a person with that much heart for humanity and the fight for what is just. 

4. Scarlet Witch 

Many movie fans aren’t aware of just how powerful this Maximoff twin truly is. Her abilities are shown in full form only in the comic books. The thing is, Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Scarlett Witch’s wielding of Chaos Magic (the red glowy-thing that she manipulates), you should be scared to the bones to cross this superhero. 

This allows her to be just as strong, if not stronger, than characters who have superstrength. Moreover, her Reality Warping capability is also one to watch out for. You wouldn’t want to get trapped in a nightmare that can cripple you as it goes on and on until Scarlet Witch pulls the plug. 

3. Captain Marvel

She’s finally had her debut on the silver screen yet, but true fans of the superhero universe have known this name for ages. Carol Danvers is of Kree descent who possesses superhuman strength, flight, agility, speed, and something called a 7th sense. This means that she can sense when trouble’s brewing even if she isn’t in proximity to it, among others. 

Furthermore, and very much as an effect of Kree in her DNA, Captain Marvel can shapeshift into anything or anyone she chooses. She can also heal almost instantaneously and is invulnerable to toxins and diseases. 

2. Quake 

You’ve seen this next superhero in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. If you haven’t, you’re going to want to read about this character who can produce vibrations very similar to that of an actual earthquake. Hence, her superhero name. 

You won’t even have time to think of an escape plan once everything around you starts to tumble and fall because of Quake’s superpower. Plus, she has a form of psychic shielding. 

1. Zatanna Zatara: The Best Of The Female Superheroes

Another female badass who hasn’t had the opportunity to be presented on the silver screen, Zatanna Zatara is a mighty sorceress who merely has to speak commands and let them come to pass. 

In other special circumstances, she doesn’t even have to utter them but simply thinks of the spell to conjure. By the way, did you know that she was a friend of another mask and cape crusader we all love?

Dunununununununun Batman! That’s right. Addedly, she inherited her powers of sorcery from another sorcerer, her father, Giovanni Zatara. 

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