Guide To Create A Comic Book

Step By Step Guide To Create A Comic Book

While growing up, I had seen so many interesting and powerful characters like Superman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, Wonder woman and many more. I was fascinated with their powers, the plot, characterization, storytelling and everything about those comics. Creating a whole new world with art always sounded fascinating to me but it has become even more interesting with my zeal to write a comic book.

So, if you too have such zeal, then this article is for you. We will provide you with some interesting insights into comic books.

Idea For Comic Book

The idea is the basis of everything, be it a comic book, a script or a big project, idea is the most important thing. As a storyteller, you should have your book (traditional or digital) handy all the time. This will make your work easier. If you get an idea at any point in time, you can just pen it down immediately. Hence, this way you won’t have to worry about forgetting the idea.

Start The Script

Most of the novices start penning drawing their comic as soon as they get an idea, this is nothing but the first step to failure. Before diving into the comic book world, you should plan and write the script. There is no need of using any fancy apps or books, etc. A simple text editor is enough to do the magic. There are four points that you should keep in mind while you get started on the script

  • Know the genre
  • Understand the goals of your main character
  • Draft a believable setting
  • A beginning, middle and end stories should be set so that you can’t deviate from that in-between.
Step By Step Guide To Create A Comic Book
Step By Step Guide To Create A Comic Book

Start Drawing

As the comic book writer, you may want to get everything perfect in one go, but yes it is not possible. So, first, concentrate on the layout and simple drawing. You shouldn’t get everything perfect in the one go, so relax and give time for yourself. You will get the work done eventually. Therefore, first, just draw your story, you can perfect it later.

Inking, Coloring, And Lettering

Well after penciling the comic, inking comes into the picture. You have to clean up your drawing and add depth to it. Now after inking, you should start adding colors to the drawings. These colors can either break or make your comic book so be careful with colors and choose the ones that you think are apt for the book.

If you are getting them done by another artist, then do not hesitate to ask questions.

Lettering is the soul of a comic and you should make sure that it is perfectly maintained. Thus, no matter how good your story is, your lettering is the only thing that makes the comic book perfect.

Step By Step Guide To Create A Comic Book
Step By Step Guide To Create A Comic Book

Marketing And Selling

Days are gone when you have to invest a fortune in marketing. Thanks to social media you can do it with ease. People these days are encouraging the talents online and this is the best chance for you to market yourself online. Thus, you can go with any digital media agency or do it by yourself with some of the tips that you find online and you can market your book to a wide range of audience.

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