Facts About Superhero

Some Lesser Known Facts About Your Favorite Superhero Family

We may read various superhero comics, but do we know everything about these crime fighters? Let’s find out.

1. Kryptonite Case

Mostly everyone knows that kryptonite is Superman’s weakness. But do you know how it was first introduced in the DC Comics? It appeared during the year 1949 in the comics of Superman. It was when Superman’s radio show voice actor for the “The Adventures of Superman” went for a vacation. In the show, kryptonite, the deadly mineral was debuted during 1943 where the show used a stand-in to moan in pain. They carried on like this until the voice actor came back from his trip.

2. Name The Superhero

Do you know that the name of Bruce Wayne has its historical roots? The name Bruce Wayne came from Robert the Bruce, and Mad Anthony Wayne. You are wondering how Batman can navigate through social media? He uses his screen name JonDoe297 in the comics.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Superhero Family

3. Fly Guy Or Spider-Man?

A winged insect had inspired Stan Lee to build a character named Spider-Man, instead of a Spider. He noticed the fly crawling on the wall when he was at Marvel HQ. Immediately it came to his mind that his next big superhero will be able to stick on the vertical surfaces. He toyed many names, and finally come up with Spider-Man. Rest made history.

4. Superhero Wonder Woman & Her Various Roles

Diana Prince is Wonder Woman‘s alter ego. Over the years, she had done different jobs, and among them, not all were attractive. Many times she worked as a fast-food employee, romance novel writer, spy, singer, and also secretary of Justice League.

5. One Of Genuine Superhero Name Change

Some Lesser Known Facts About Superhero Family

We love Captain America, and so does his name. But do you know that he had a different moniker? Our beloved Cap was created in 1940 in response to World War II (yes he has a vast history) with the name Super American. But as the creators discarded the thought of using “super”, next name they came with was Captain America.

6. Impressive Suit Of Iron Man

While designing the Iron Man Suit, Tony Stark thought of all the things a superhero could need when he fights the bad guys. It is considered that the basic Iron Man suit can lift 100 tons when its owner operates it. Later Stark modifies his suit with Hulkbuster armor to lift around 175 tons during combat with the Hulk.

7. Out-of-this-world Accomplishment Of Thor

Some Lesser Known Facts About Superhero Family

Every Marvel knows that Thor is a massive character and has tremendous strength. But do you have the slightest idea that he can actually accomplish something unthinkable? Using the power of Odinforce, Thor was able to put a scratch in Captain America’s shield which is in almost-impossible-to-destroy, with his hammer Mjolnir.

8. Captain America And Black Panther Has Connection

Yes, they are both superheroes, but that’s not the only thing that links these two. What links them is their use of Vibranium to help in fighting against the bad. The uniform, boots, and claws Black Panther wears, is made of Vibranium. On the other side, Captain’s shield is made from the super-strong mineral. Wakanda, where Black Panther lives, has Vibranium mines which make it one of the wealthiest countries on Earth.

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