Ryan Reynolds Congratulates ‘Joker’ For Box Office

Joker and Deadpool share lot of things in common and have a huge impact on audience worldwide. The movie portrays similar shots and scenes where they shoot lots of people and be incredibly snarky. The new global cume of Joker in North America is around millions of dollars. It is one of the most popular comics audience ever saw. It is the all time favorite among the teenagers.

Audience can’t move their eyes and distract their mind from this spellbound comic creation without hitting someone cosplaying as the creator of both the movie did. Now they are together in box office history They receive blockbuster business from this movie.

The impact this psychological drama is huge on their mind. Ryan Reynolds in a completely relaxing mode as joker earned more money in the global box office than any other R- rated movie in the global movie history. Reynold was the course star in deadpool which gained lot of popularity before Joker came into the picture.

Ryan Reynolds Congratulates ‘Joker’ for Box Office

Ryan Reynolds Appreciation To The Team

In the list of R-rated movies Joker hits the top 10 position in the record. As per the box office record Joker cross the profit margin. Joker is the only movie which could break into the top 10 list. Joaquin Phoenix – led DC comics earned millions which got visible in the bank. This kind of profit can only be seen in disney movies.

The movie basically got huge success due to the mega and well known cast Batman Villain and spellbound acting of Joaquin Phoenix.Reynolds in his tweet on a Friday morning that R-rate box office congratulatory posts is way different from the other ones people saw. Ryan’s tweet portrays a manipulative and influential poster of Joker mentioned with you motherfucker on it instead of the original name of the movie.

Moreover, it’s a tradition in Hollywood for the movie makers to congratulate the film that beats the record globally and hit the top list. However,viewers witnessed these kind of scenario in the previous year when James Cameron  gave away a poster appreciating Marvel Studios for putting down the film Avatar which is popularly  known to be the all-time box office record with Avengers Endgame.

Joker: The Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movie Of All Time

Being the most popular among the audience Joker broke the record of highest grossing movies which are al time favorite.

However, the post made by Reynold’s was very funny and poking and takes one back to those nostalgic days when filmmakers used to send congratulatory notes as a token of appreciation. Furthermore, for making the movie 60million dollars was invested and the profit made was four times more. It had the grand opening in the weekend and made a global hit.

Ryan Reynolds Congratulates ‘Joker’ for Box Office

In other words in  October 2019 Joker is the seventh highest grossing movie at the domestic box office. The earnings of the movie made Todd Phillips the biggest earner in his entire career. Furthermore,Ryan Reynolds experienced way of congratulating the whole team of Joker. Rayan’s congratulation message shows the exemplary image of Phoenix’s Joker. However, audiences and other members were too happy and were dancing at the Bronx stairs, with each of the steps denoting and highlighting  the protagonists of the R-rated films  which has gone through.


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