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As Avengers: Endgame just released in April, many of us who are not dedicated comic books were amazed to find so many superheroes of Marvel, all at once. The movie left many with the questions on “who is the strongest physically and who is less? ” (only the favorite Avengers)

1. The Hulk – Strongest of All Superheroes Of Marvel

When it comes to muscle strength, no one can beat the green guy. The power of Hulk releases from anger. More he gets angrier, the stronger he becomes, which makes his strength almost limitless. If he were fighting against a stronger opponent than him, he becomes angry for losing. It brings out his strength to destroy his opponents.

Beyonder, an omnipotent cosmic being confirmed that Hulk’s strength is unlimited. Second confirmation is from Stranger who built the living planets and in support of Beyonder’s claim. Next calculations of The Mad Thinker confirmed that Hulk is physically the strongest hero in Marvel.

Popular Super Heroes Of Marvel Ranked From Strongest To Strong

2. Thor – The Strength Of The Demigod Is Magnificent: Most Popular Among Superheroes Of Marvel

The God of thunder is often considered to be the strongest of all superheroes of Marvel. However, Hulk has genuinely taken the first place. As Asgardian, he is super strong, and no one can match his strength.

He is expected to be in the 100+ tons strength category, but it doesn’t measure his strength rightly. Thor’s feat of strength is impossible for any other superheroes and all these he did with ease.

Ranking Of Superheroes Of Marvel

3. Iron Man – The Power Of Iron Suit Is Immense

Iron Man is even stronger than America Chavez as per our assumptions. We can only assume her strengths, but we know that Iron Man is definitely in the category of 100tons +.

Tony Stark is an ordinary human being without any superpowers of his own. But when, he is in one of his Iron Man suits, his overall strength skyrockets beyond the superhuman levels. Want proof of his strength then note it down, his most basic suit limit is 100 tons. So wonder, what is the strength of each of his super suit can be. The number increases with the armor in which he suits up.

4. Spider-Man – His Strength Is Proportionate

Ranking Of Superheroes Of Marvel

We have our web-swinger in fourth place. His strength is considered as proportionate of a spider. That means if a spider were of the human size, the power it would have possessed, the same strength he possesses. The most strong spider can lift 170 times more its weight.

However, the rules sometimes change, and many times in the comics it was depicted that Spider-Man can lift 25 tons upwards, which is double the strength a human-sized spider could lift. But we can definitely say that his strength is more than Captain America.

5. Captain America – Least Strength Among Popular Super Heroes Of Marvel

From the strength angle, Steve Rogers, popularly known as Captain America, has the least strength of all the superheroes of Marvel as per comic. In movies, he may be shown to possess incredible strength, but the comic version shows a different story. In comic, when he was pushed with super-soldier serum, he reached the height of human physical strength. He is the strongest among humans without being a superhuman.

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