New Superhero Movies Trailers Are Creating Huge Buzz

new superhero movies trailers

I especially like the upcoming releases of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and The New Batman Movie. But which of these will be the next big winners? Here’s a look at the three contenders for my top new superhero movie.

First up is The Dark Knight. After Batman’s defeat in Gotham City, the criminal element threatens to take over again, this time with a super villain named Bane. He has an army of super powered soldiers who are clad in red military fatigues. His weapon of choice is the “grapnel gun,” which has been designed to shoot out grapnel-like bullets.

The Dark Knight Rises

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The interesting thing about The Dark Knight Rises is how it takes the original Batman story and mixes it with the new, modern look of the comic books. Although the movie has many similarities to the original, it does feel different somehow. Could this be because the actor Tom Hardy plays a new version of Batman in the film? Perhaps. Or perhaps it is because the movie is directed by David Fincher. Either way, the movie is worth checking out, even just for the trailers.

Iron Man is probably one of the most hyped movies during the summer. With the recent release of the first official trailer, it is easy to see why. The trailer opens with the trademark images of Iron Man, along with the famous quote, “I’m Iron Man.” From there the movie provides some background on its protagonist, Rhodey Rhodes. We learn that he was an honor student at college, then went into the military where he became an expert in robot repairs. Then he went into business for himself, designing and selling his own company, Iron Man.


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Ant-Man is another of the more anticipated movies coming out this summer. After the success of last year’s The Incredible Hulk, this will most likely be a shot at another blockbuster. The film cast includes Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Hopkins, Don Cheadle, and Anne Hathaway. It centers on a young scientist who creates a substance called Ant-Man, which contains super-abilities. The story is being kept very secret, so we won’t get a lot of information about the characters until after it’s screened.

It seems that another one of the hottest tickets is supposed to be Spider-Man 4. With the recent success of Iron Man and Ant-Man, producers are already hard at work. It’s not known what they have planned, but a casting has begun, and it looks as though we could see an update of one of the previous Spider-Man movies.

Superhero Film

One of the trailers shows Peter Parker in his high school years, trying to deal with the school bully. With the addition of Tobey Maguire, the odds are good that we’ll finally see Electro in this new movie!

Of course, both of the above mentioned movies are probably not your average superhero film, and they may even be considered more of a comedy. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t some of the finest films out there, and if you’re a true comic book lover, you’ll definitely want to add these two new releases to your list. With Spider-Man 4 and Batman 3 on the way, there’s no time to waste.


In the meantime, if you haven’t seen either of these two new movies, you need to do so. They are incredibly entertaining, and the trailers certainly make you want to see them when they come out. Watch some trailers for other upcoming movies, including X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as any big TV shows that you can find. By watching the new trailers, you’ll soon start to recognize some of your favorite heroes and villains.

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