New Superhero Animated Movies – Find Out Your Favourite Movies Here

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This whole year is owned by DC Comics and DC fans are more excited than ever. The best DC animated movies would be seen this year 2021 with amazing twists, plots, and the continuation of the most awaited stories. The DC has been a hit in the industry for years now and the animated series has become a huge success. Below is the list of some great New Superhero Animated Movies that have been released or yet to be released to give some thrills and chills to the DC Comics fans. 

New Superhero Animated Movies – Justice League: APOKOLIPS

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This movie has been released in the year 2020 and is still a hit among fans worldwide. The main plot is the regrouping of the Justice League to capture Darkseid and to save the remaining survivors. The movie is available to watch on YouTube,  Amazon Prime Video, and Google play movies & TV. The fans are heavily satisfied with the movie and its ending and filled the comment section with positive comments and it has received 100% rotten tomatoes and 8/10 IGN according to the Google data. 

New Superhero Animated Movies – Batman: Soul Of The Dragon

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This movie had its initial release on 12 January 2021 and was a massive hit with 93% rotten tomatoes. This movie revolves around the martial arts teacher, batman, and former classmates. The movie was excellent and a bit nostalgic according to the reviews. Its IMDb rating is 6.1. 

New Superhero Animated Movies – Justice Society: World War II

This movie was the scene with a history-changing adventure of the justice society of America. This was released in April 2021 and received a wide variety of varied views from the viewers. Its IMDb rating is 6.4, its IGN rating is 9/10, and received 81% rotten tomatoes according to Google data. This movie is fun to watch with the continuity of its story to the Superman: The man of tomorrow. 

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

This movie is amazing with its release set for June 22, 2021. This movie was most awaited by the DC fans. It received 100% rotten tomatoes and an 8/10 IGN rating. The plot revolves around the brutal murders in Gotham City and Batman with police officials set to catch the murderer. This movie is very fun to watch and had positive views posted by viewers. 

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

This movie is set to release in July 2021 and is the upcoming New Superhero Animated Movies that are most awaited by fans. The plot is the continuation of The Long Halloween Part One as the first part ended in suspense. This movie is hoped to be a massive hit too. 


DC Comics has amazed fans in this home struck pandemic and provided full-on entertainment for its fans. The animated movies were no less than the superhero movies played by real characters. All DC enthusiasts are much awaited for upcoming movies and with these released massive super hits the expectations are highly increased for the next movies. 

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