New McDonald’s Superhero Toys for your Kids

new superhero toys

The superhero toys from McDonald’s have always amused and impressed kids and adults both. They have always come up with cute little toys to lure little ones to finish their meals or to get a treat from their parents. If you would like to know more about the McDonald’s superhero toys, read on further.

Marvel recently collaborated with McDonald’s to bring some marvel superheroes with the burgers. Here are some details regarding the superhero toys.

Each Toy Comes With A Button And Can Perform Stunts

A toy doll sitting on a table

There are 9 toys totally and each one is a Marvel superhero character. These include characters like Hulkbuster, Black Widow, Falcon, Wasp, Gladiator Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Groot and Winter Soldier. Each toy comes with a button that can make the toy perform cute little stunts. Most of the characters move their hands when the buttons are pressed. These buttons are located behind their heads.

Falcon, Wasp And Black Widow Are The Coolest Ones

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Each of these toys have the coolest look when they are played with. Falcon and Wasp flap their wings whenever one pushes the button that is located behind their heads. Similarly, Black Widow spins her baton fast and gets into battle mode as soon as the button is pressed. One can not only play with these characters, but also download these Marvel character coloring pages from the official website of McDonald’s. 

Marvel Activity Sheets To Encourage Budding Comic Creators

Children and adults can also participate in the Marvel-special activities by starting their own comic-creating abilities. They also have a downloadable page that gives step-by-step guidance for drawing the superhero character Vision. The page comes with three blank panels that encourage a budding comic creator to draw their own superhero characters.

Mcdonald’s Released An Animated Video Announcing This Development

To let the world know about this development, McDonald’s released an animated advertisement letting the world know more about its Marvel toys. These were shared on Twitter. This animated video showcases children playing the same character and re-imagining themselves as Marvel toys. This animated video urges the children to recharge themselves with milk products that are available at McDonald’s stores. 

These are some cool brand strategies launched by the company to increase the appeal factor of their meal plans and to lure more and more children to enjoy their favorite burgers at McDonald’s. with their right advertisements, they encourage children to eat healthier food and drink protein-packed milk shakes to boost their energy levels. 

These superhero characters are the favorite of every child and as McDonald’s combos come with these superhero toys, one can see more children and adults going for these combos. Mothers can also make fussy eaters to eat their meals if given a superhero toy. Such is the power of McDonald’s – a brand that has always delivered smiles across the globe.

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