New Animated Superhero Movies – What to Look for When Buying These Movies

new animated superhero movies

This is mainly because they combine the fun of a kid’s movie with the thrills of a Hollywood blockbuster. The newest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight,” has a lot to do with Bruce Wayne (actor Christian Bale) who was just released from prison after he murdered his boss and saved Harvey Dent. With his cape and cowl back, Bruce Wayne is now Batman and takes on the Dark Knight (the superhero who doesn’t wear a cape and cowl) in hopes of changing Gotham City. Here are some of the things you should know about these new superheroes.

They Have Superhuman Powers

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Both versions of Batman can fly, leap, and throw Batarangs. In the new film, “The Dark Knight,” Batman is given superhuman powers through an experiment with chemicals. He can control plants, animals, and even weather the Earth itself. There have been many other comic book super powers given to various versions of Batman throughout the years. These are usually put into play for the most dramatic scenes.

They Are Protagonists for the Movie: Both versions of Batman are heroes in their own right and have to fight villains. In the new movie, “The Dark Knight,” the Dark Knight is Batman while the new Batman is the Joker. The Joker is a super villain that is played by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He uses a gas filled Joker cigarette and he is the driving force behind the entire crime fighting team.

They Use Gadgets

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Both versions of Batman need to have their gadgets in the latest movie. The new Batman uses a bat mobile, bat cave, bat plane, and the bat signal. The new Joker uses a gas mask, a smiley face painted face, a cane and of course, a cool gun. The Joker’s henchman also wears a couple of gadgets as well. One is a laser pointer and another is a bat cell.

They Live In A World Of Video Games

One thing that is very clear in all these new Batman movies is that they live in a world where computer games and video games are very popular. There is even a game that has been created specifically so you can play as Batman. There are several different versions of this game and all of them revolve around the adventures of Batman. Some have him saving the city one day and then the next he is out to save the city again.

They Have the Best Costume Characters

Both versions of Batman have some great costumes. The new Batman is dressed as a blue costume while the new Joker is dressed in a red and black outfit. The new Robin is wearing a blue suit, while the new Joker is wearing a red and black suit. They look great and it seems that every character is chosen to have the best costumes.

Bottom Lines

The Characters Work Together Well: Both versions of Batman do well in the movie, but the new Batman has more personality than his older counterpart. He also has much more gadgets and vehicles than the old version. This is a good thing because it makes the movie more interesting and adds more aspects to the characters and plot line. We saw this with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. It is kind of similar to what happened with The Fantastic Four when they teamed up. It seems that sometimes two superheroes can work better together than others.

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