Legend Of Superheroes Most Morally Ambiguous

10 Most Morally Ambiguous Superheroes In Film

The word ‘superhero’ in itself entails that this person of whom we speak is the good guy or girl, the one who saves the world and saves the people from all bad and evil.

It does not mean the person whose morality must be questioned whenever possible, because it is assumed that superheroes are always on the correct moral path. However, here’s a list of 10 legend of superheroes who are quite morally ambiguous in their ways.

10 Morally Ambiguous Superheroes

  1. Catwoman

As can be seen in the Batman films, Catwoman created a lot more problems than she helped to solve. Catwoman, as a thief, is what has been typically depicted in the movies which she’s been part of, regardless of however many times she had supported Batman when he needed it. This legend of superhero Catwoman has a blurry line between good and evil, as shown in all the live-action depictions.

  1. Black Widow

We should all know as fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Black Widow is perfectly adept at hurting or harming people and things. This may even include killing someone. While a lot of her back story is missing, it is safe and sufficient to say that as a legend of a superhero, she has quite an ambiguous morality line.

  1. Punisher

The Punisher, as it even says in his name itself, is all about creating his type of justice. He is a superhero with a dark aura around him, which owes to his past, and the story of his family. His form of “punishment” is what makes him a morally ambiguous legend of a superhero.

  1. Magneto

Magneto, a legend of a superhero, is not one with a stable moral ground. He has fought side-by-side as well as against the X-men. In his views, his fight is to defeat humankind and preserve the mutants, hence his conflicting alliances with and against the X-men.

  1. Blade

The Blade is quite a harsh and brutal character. Despite being half a vampire himself, he goes on to hunt vampires in some brutal ways. The Blade is a superhero in his way because he always believes that he’s doing the right thing. He, similar to a lot of other legends of superheroes, has a dark character, and his methods of killing make him quite ambiguous morally.

  1. Legend Of Superheroes: Wolverine

    10 Most Morally Ambiguous Superheroes In Film

    10 Most Morally Ambiguous Superheroes In Film

Wolverine, as depicted in the films as well as comics, has shown a tendency and fearlessness when it comes to killing people, even if others made their attempts to stop him from doing so. The Wolverine carries a certain aura of darkness through the comics as well as films.

  1. Batman

In the Batman comics, he follows a strict moral code where he’s not allowed to kill any human beings. However, this one rule is not at all followed in his films. Batman, in his movies, has gone on to kill many people. He has kept a smooth hand with his killings in the movies. A legend of a superhero, Batman not following his only rule, makes him a morally ambiguous character.

  1. Legend Of Superheroes: Ant-Man

Ant-Man only became Ant-Man after he stole the Ant-Man suit. He is a funny guy who loves life, and he isn’t known as a killer, but he is a criminal, after all, making his character quite morally ambiguous.

  1. Ironman

    10 Most Morally Ambiguous Superheroes In Film

    10 Most Morally Ambiguous Superheroes In Film

Tony Stark is known as one of the legend superheroes. He says he’s not perfect, he’s as human as a superhero can get. While in his comic book, similar to Batman’s, Ironman’s killing is kept to a bare minimum. However, in the Ironman and Avengers movies, he designs weapons meant for killing and doesn’t refrain from killing either.

  1. Venom

Venom’s name itself is a name with a meaning that has a dangerous connotation. Venom deals with his taste of justice in the way that he wants, which is what makes him a morally ambiguous legend of a superhero in both the comics as well as the movies.

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