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Marvel Comics in 2008 has planned to launch its own cinematic universe to bring their comics to live. The main plan back then was to release the individual movies of superheroes like Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and bring them all together in one movie to save the world. The studio was in so many issues and was on the verge of bankruptcy, but one risky decision they made has changed the lives of the entire cinema world. Here are some of the most important things that you should know about the Marvel superheroes.

Iron Man

Let’s start out list with Marvel’s first character on screen- Iron Man. Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is a genius. He spent half of his life in designing and developing the most advanced weapons for warfare. His company name was Stark Industries, and he made it exceptionally well because of it. But after getting kidnapped by the terrorists and seeing them use the weapons manufactured from Stark Industries, he takes some decisions.

Iron Man Armor

The first thing is he designs an armor secretly to escape from the kidnappers, and after getting to his place, he immediately stops the manufacturing of weapons. The Iron Man suite works with the help of arc reactor that he has near to his heart. The suite is equipped with a super technology which aids him in any contingency situations. He is one of the earliest members in Avengers group and although he doesn’t like being a team player, he did a great job with other Avengers and saved the world a lot of times.

Marvel: Captain America

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is one of the oldest superheroes when you consider the age. Yes, Steve’s age will be more than what we all can imagine, but thanks to the serum, he has the anti-aging capability. He is one of the strongest and reliable superheroes in the Marvel Universe. A simple and skinny boy’s dream to join the army and save the world has fueled him to take a drastic decision of consuming a serum. This serum can make him stronger and give him superpowers, but if it goes wrong, he will be dead. He takes the serum and becomes one of the strongest superheroes ever.

He is the leader of the Avengers, and due to his age, discipline, and determination, he has emerged as one of the best Avengers.

Marvel Universe: Everything You Need To Know
Marvel Universe: Everything You Need To Know


The god of thunder has indeed created some magic on the earth. His superpowers and Mjolnir has made him a part of the Avengers. Thor thinks himself as the protector of earth and has made some extreme sacrifices for the planet. He comes to earth to take his brother Loki back and starts fighting alongside Avengers.

Marvel Universe: Everything You Need To Know

Marvel: Hulk

Bruce Banner was a government scientist, and one of his secret experiments had gone wrong, which turned him into a giant, green and strongest creature. This creature comes one whenever his BP level shoots up. Bruce Banner runs away from the government in order to find the cure for this problem by himself, but as time passes by, he was capable of controlling this creature bit by bit. Bruce uses the superpowers that he got from Hulk to fight the evil. These are the top four most important characters of the Marvel cinematic universe.

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