Marvel Studios: Journeying To The Silver Screen

Marvel Studios has stamped its name permanently, and it gold trimmings at that, as one of the world’s leading production companies. That, and in the realm of superhero blockbusters. In order to appreciate what they are today (as if you and I don’t already), here’s where it all began for the mega-studio. 

Marvel Studios: The Humble Beginnings 

Today, we know of Marvel Studios as the reigning ruler of not only the Marvel cinematic universe but of the galactic world of comic-book-superheroes-come-to-life. We’re pretty sure you can name a few other similar film production companies yet Marvel stands out like a beacon of hope for NOT trashing characters and their stories from ages and pages past. 

But before they became this media giant that can do no wrong, they started quite humbly. More humbly, that you’d expect. In a previous post, we’ve mentioned more details regarding the genesis of Marvel Comics. Then bannered under the name Timely Comics, their first published masterpiece of The Human Torch in 1939 instantly became a hit. 

However, their live-action interpretation of their successful line of comic books came into play in the 1940s. Television was on the front row seat of the Captain America serial film. 15 chapters in total. At the time, the company was still under their “Timely Comics” handle.

You may not be aware that before Netflixed released Marvel’s The Punisher series, they had a feature film of it in 1989. Only, it didn’t do well with critics, nor the box office. Soon after, another flop was served on their plate with the dull Fantastic Four full-length movie. With this, fans thought they had had enough because these 4 superheroes were nothing short of fantastic in the comic books. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Dynamic Game-Changer 

Marvel Studios: Journeying To The Silver Screen

Have you seen Blade? Blade II? Blade Trinity? Yep. Those are Marvel movies as well. They surprisingly did well. Be that as it may, it wasn’t until the emergence of a game-changer that made movie fans were captivated once again by Marvel’s film adaptation through… drum roll, please. Spiderman. 

It catapulted the studio to heights never seen before. It was even nominated for 2 Oscars, and a win for Best Visual Effects. Until today, many still regard it as that jump-off point of Marvel Studios. They still had a few rough patches with releases that were… meh. We’ll leave you to read on that on your own. *Wink. 

But by 2000’s X-Men, people were hooked. You were, too. And so were we! Still, there were a few slip-ups along the way— ahem, Hulk, Daredevil, Elektra, and another Fantastic Four reboot among other. 

On the other hand, you can imagine them as practice runs. We know we do. Because by 2008, Iron Man came into the picture and it was a darn tootin’ heck of a mind-blowing movie! That was the sign. That was what they needed to finally get the ball rolling and gaining momentum. 

Iron Man’s Trilogy, then that of Captain America and Thor, were the perfect springboards towards the culmination of the Avengers franchise. 

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