List of some Good Russian Superhero Movies

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Superhero movies are very much in trend nowadays. To save the world, superheroes are teaming up which is becoming more common nowadays. From Marvel which successfully experimented with the Avengers and the Guardians of the galaxy to the DC which has also jumped in the line to feature with DCEU and you all will be going to see Justice League this year which is based on the super hero assemble. By following the trend Russia also tried to produce its own version of superhero movie from Avenger to Guardians in which four superhuman people tried to save Russia from a threat which disabled the military structure of the country. Here is a list of Russian Superhero movies:

  1. Black Lightning (2009)-
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This movie was released in 2009 which is directed by Alexander Voitinsky and Dmitriy Kiselev. This movie deals with a crusading school principal who gets back into action in the form of an Afro-American electrical superhero. This movie received mixed reviews by the viewers in Russian media.

  1. Cosmoball-
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Goalkeeper of Galaxy is another name of this superhero movie. This was released in 2020 which is a Russian Superhero Space Opera. This movie was directed by Dzhanik Fayjiev taking inspiration from the anime series known as Galactic Football. This film is based in a future apocalyptic city where only those people who survived the intergalactic war stay. Above this city, a huge alien spaceship was there and the future of the people of this city stays in the hands of the cosmoball players who used to play to save their planet. The match between the earthlings and aliens was the dependency criteria of this planet’s fate.

  1. Guardians-

This is a movie which was directed by a Russian Armenian filmmaker Sarik Andeasean, and it was released in 2017.  A superhero group which was called Patriot which included several soiviet Republic members, was created by a Russian Organisation during the Cold war period. These superheroes had hidden their identities from the world but due recent hard days they need to show themselves again.

  1. Major Grom-

This movie was directed by Vladimir Besedin which was released in the year 2017. The starring character of the movie was inspired by the comic character of the same name. This movie starts with detective Major Grom from St. Petersburg deciding to save a bank from getting robbed by the robbers.

  1. Plague Doctor:Major Grom-

This is an upcoming Russian movie which was inspired from the comic with the same name published by Bubble Comics.


With the advent of technology and effects we all are spoiled by American superhero movies which gives some very good visual effects and filters. In comparison to these movies Russian movies lag behind in effects and technology though they have a strong storyline and some good action scenes which will definetly keep you groped with screens.

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