Love For Marvel Comics Grow

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Are Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man ruling your dreams? Does your ardent desire remain to shake hands with Captain America? Do you really want to share your thoughts of wisdom with Hulk? Well, congratulations, you are nothing short of marvel comics fan!

Our Love Grows

Well, who can resist comic books? And when it comes to Marvel comics, there is no shortage of fans shouting for more. Marvel comics have always been the talk of the town among comic lovers and this love is just growing with each passing day! They possess some of the most extraordinary fictional characters and we just adore reading about them and even watching them on the big screen!

Tempted to read more? Well, let us make it more interesting by giving you some facts which are a little unknown about the favorite comic series.

Let Your Love For Marvel Comics Grow
Let Your Love For Marvel Comics Grow

Michael Jackson Desired To Play Spider-Man!

Can you believe it! Michael Jackson actually tried buying the Marvel Comic once so that he could get to play the role of ‘Spider-Man.’ Well, he really had a soft spot for the spider-man! This was revealed by Stan Lee in an interview. Whether Jackson would have played a perfect role remains a mystery still date but Tobey Maguire did a perfectly nailing job.

The hyphen in Spider-Man Was Intentional in Marvel Comics

Let Your Love For Marvel Comics Grow
Let Your Love For Marvel Comics Grow

It was a deliberate decision by Stan Lee to put a hyphen in the name of Spider-Man. The reason was that Stan Lee wanted to cut loose any similarity between the names of Superman and Spiderman. Well, a good decision helped fans worldwide make a clear distinction between the two characters.

Marvel Actually Trademarked The Word ‘Zombies’

In the year 1973, following the release of a ‘Tale of The Zombie,’ Marvel Comics actually trademarked the usage of the word ‘Zombie.’ This implies that they could only use this word ‘zombie’ in their stories. They held this trademark until the year 1996. However, when they realized that they could not enforce the trademark anymore, they left it.

Hulk Was Gray In Color In Marvel Comics

When Hulk was originally introduced, he was gray in color. However, the said company soon changed it to color green when they realized that they could not use the color for separation purpose in the 1960s.

A Fan Created Venom

Venom was actually a wonderful idea of a fan named Randy Schueller. Stan Lee liked the idea so much that Marvel Comics actually bought the idea for $220.00.

Werewolves Were Forbidden

Interestingly, the said comics were not allowed to use werewolves in their stories by the Comics Code Authority. Thus, it was a challenge for the writers to come up with different ideas to incorporate werewolves in their comics.

Wolverine Was Originally Genetically Mutated In Marvel Comics

Originally, Wolverine was considered to be genetically mutated rather than being a human mutant. However, Stan Lee himself vetoed the particular idea. Moreover, Wolverine was not supposed to have arm hair while he was in a costume but he was allowed to have the arm hair when he was acting normal.

Interesting, right! Well, Marvel Comics has never failed to rouse our goosebumps and we fans are more than willing to continue enjoying it for many more years to come.

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