Lego Marvel Superheroes: History And Gaming Tricks

The Power Of Great Superhero Costume Design

Let the Marvel fan in you get crazy with the best lego marvel superheroes you can get your mitts on. Because… why not? As a true fan of the comic book superheroes no-turned silver screen favorites, grab those Marvel lego toys and get to stacking! 

Lego Marvel Superheroes: Things You Need To Know About Lego

The brand itself, Lego, had a bit of a slump during its beginnings. Much more than a slump in actuality. Before becoming the empire it’s become today, and over $14.6 billion dollars of worth in Mattel, things weren’t always bright, cheery, and colorful, so to speak. 

Its founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen was a danish carpenter with a huge dream. And that dream, he started by building his own shop of furniture. But his vision was much greater than this. Still, tragedy after tragedy stuck with an accidental fire burning his building to crips. Soon after, the stock market crash came even before any rebuilding plans were put to the test. 

Nonetheless, Christiansen’s resolve was far stronger than any of these calamities. In fact, he saw them as an opportunity to make and sell affordable wooden goods—- with toys in the mix. Even having to reduce staff members and dealing with bankruptcy didn’t stop the toy-creator. His works weren’t an instant hit. Yet his love for toys and toy-making, plus a desire to craft them in good quality kept his customers coming. 

Just as things were starting to pick up, what with Christian having his own factory and twice more workers than before, Germany invaded Denmark and World War II came to pass. This plunged his business (along with every other business) down to the ground once more. However, this became an open door since manufacturers began utilizing plastic and furthering its development as a major material for commodities. 

You’ll be surprised to know that the Christiansen purchased his first plastic-injecting machine despite regulations against it, a ban, to be specific, in Denmark. By 1949, he was creating bricks that look very much like how they appear in toy shops near you today. 

Lego Marvel Superheroes: The Gameplay

Lego Marvel Superheroes: History And Gaming Tricks

This time, not only are Lego toys Marvel-themed, you’ve got an action-packed and pumped Lego world through computer games. And when referring to the later, there are a few tips you can follow to make your gameplay awesome each time. 

1. Know Your Villains 

There’s a string of them and although you should know your characters, know your opponents first. Absorbing Man, Doctor Octopus, Loki, and Mysterio. Plus Thanos, Galactus, and Venom. The reason for this is that you’ll be able to choose your superheroes better. Select which ones have the superpowers to defeat which villain. Match them up that way. 

2. Know Your Marvel Superheroes, Even Those You’re Not Familiar With 

Secondly, don’t focus only on “popular superheroes”. You know, the ones who’ve made a name for themselves through blockbuster hits? Why? Because there are others who have abilities that are totes awesome and you’re just not familiar with them. So… Familiarize yourself with these characters, too. 

We know there are about a hundred of them in total but hey, you have the time to go through this post. Hence, we assume you’ll make even more time for that. *insert grinning emoji, with teeth and all. 

3. The Perfect Duo 

Finally, here’s a practical trick when you’re already in front of your screen. If you’re doing what you can to smash and attach and still your villain isn’t faltering, do a double-attack. Your go-to will be the Y button (or the triangle). What this does is it doubles the specific attack you use at-the-moment. 

Noice? Noice. Now, you try.

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