Legendary Heroes In History: Myth Or Truth

This time around on this site read about legendary heroes in history. We’ve tackled superheroes left and right, and won’t stop because none can get enough. But for this post, let’s delve into legends whose names you may or may not already know. 

Legendary Heroes In History:

Legendary Heroes In History: Myth Or Truth

Top 3 Legendary Heroes In History

1. Achilles 

We begin with a trip back to whether the myth about the Trojan Horse and the war that followed suit. The war that was said to have been instigated because of the fairest women in all the land– Helen of Troy. 

Does the story sound familiar to you? Homer’s hero in his Iliad is considered among the greatest warriors known to man. He was brave, loyal, and true. And his skills as a warrior was unmatched. But he had one flaw— his heel. Hence, the term you know today as “Achilles’ heel.”

According to myth, his mother, Nereid Thetis, dipped the young child in the River Styx to make his flesh impenetrable by any blade and be rid of the vulnerabilities of a mortal man. This, she was successful in doing. Only, because she held baby Achilles by his heel, that part of his body was not coated with the magic of the Styx. 

You’ve read that Nereid saw to it that these measures were taken because of a prophecy that her son would die a courageous and honorable warrior in battle. And he did. But not before making his name and his god-like warrior abilities known across the regions of the globe. How did he die, you might ask. By being pierced in his heel by an arrow. 

2. Robin Hood 

A little less armor-and-sword, and more thieving and scheming. All for a noble cause, of course. Though the dividing line between what justifies the means (hello, Machiavelli), Robin Hood is the bandit who stole from the wealthy only to distribute his loot to the poor. 

Has his story been in your childhood’s collection of folklore and fairytales? That’s him, alright. The hero of the 14th to the 15th century who reigned in the Sherwood Forest, alongside his co-bandits (who carried the same motto). 

Whether he was born in poverty or was an aristocrat who had a change of heart, many still believe that there may have been some truth to his story? So, what do you think?

3. King Arthur 

We’re almost certain you’ve seen or have read the romanticized version the legendary figure that is King Arthur and the Knights Of The Round Table. Men who were pure of heart and were on the side of good than evil. 

King Arthur and his knights became the epitome of true chivalry. The legend goes that he was made king because he was able to pull out the mythical Excaliber from a rock. And only those who were noble and pure would be able to do so. 

That said, myths aside, some historians believe that there may have been a King, whether of the same name or another, who was the basis of this famed story. 

What do you think about these legendary heroes in history? Who else would you like us to write about? Comment right here and we will! 

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