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Batman Caped Crusader

Know The Origin Of Batman

Batman is the secret identity of a rich person named Bruce Wayne. Batman the fictional character is published by DC comics and is one of the favorite characters for both kids and adults. This character was created by a writer named Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. The character was first published back in 1939 in Detective Comics #27.

Bruce Bayne is an American Billionaire, philanthropist, and a superhero. He lost his father and mother at a very tender age, which has led him into the world of Batman.

Know The Origin Of Batman

Life-Changing Event Of Batman

Bruce Bayne, along with his father Thomas and mother Martha, went to a small family outing. They go to a movie, and while coming back, they enter the darkest and most dangerous alleys in Gotham city. They are shot dead by a mugger in that alley, and that person disappears after shooting Bruce parents.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth save Bruce from being adopted by the Gotham’s social services, and they take care of him. They both played a huge role in making Bruce realize his dream and help him in chasing it too.

Enhancing His Skills

Bruce was determined to save this world from the evil people. Hence he started his journey to enhance the skills at a very young age of 14. He learned various skills from people around the world. He traveled to every continent present in this world to learn new tactics and skills. Then, he studied criminal psychology, criminology, forensics, learned some art forms and fighting techniques from martial art teachers and manhunters. He mastered every fighting style that is present out there. Bruce has literally changed himself into a weapon to fight evil and crime.

After some years of journey, when he is back to Gotham, he started stalking the street thugs. The mistake he did here was wearing plain clothes. This has made him a prey for the people whom he intended to protect. He sat in his study room bleeding and thinking of what to do to protect the people and prove them that his intentions are right, a bat crashes on his window.

This gives him an idea which changed his entire life.

Batman Origin

Bruce sets up a cave beneath his mansion where all the Batman-related operations are done. Alfred Pennyworth was his confidant. He used to take care of Bruce’s injuries, used to give him advises from time to time whether he asks or not.

Batman aka Caped Crusader has become a cautionary name in the city. He was the dark knight that saved the city from all kinds of intruders. Batman, the name alone sent the shivers down foes’ throat.

His suit is bulletproof and had a utility belt with crime-fighting gear. His cowl has night vision technology, and he uses it for communication too.

Know The Origin Of Batman
Know The Origin Of Batman


Batman’s sidekick or what can we say assistant Robin is indeed everyone’s favorite. Dick Grayson is the son of a circus show organizers, and as they refused to do what he said, Zucco murders both of them. His story is almost similar to that of Batman, and Bruce approaches him to take revenge on Zucco.

Know The Origin Of Batman
Know The Origin Of Batman

Bruce teaches him everything he needs to know and learn to fight Zucco and made him very efficient.

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