Iron man: The Most Powerful Man Made Superhero Of All Time

7 Most Powerful Superheroes Of All Time

“Iron man” is the most powerful and most loved superhero of all time. And surprisingly, in movies also only one actor played this character to date. That is also not common, as most superheroes have two, three even four movie actors in their cinematic versions. So we can safely say Iron man is one movie character which started to come in the picture very recently and it gained popularity very fast. Due to its relatable storyline and surprising twists, it conquered our attention and claimed our utmost affection and love. So let us quickly go through its storyline.


The actual name of Ironman is Anthony Edward Stark or Tony Stark, who is a billionaire arms dealer or, as we can say, a business tycoon. He singlehandedly supplies and controls the arms market of the United States. His father Howard Stark was also a genius arms maker and inventor in world war times. Tony being an ideal son though he has some childhood problems with his father due to his mother’s death, took over the company. Not only that, he somehow expanded it too. But critics were always after him, stating that he is a reflecting glory, and he will never succeed like his father.


Ironman: The Origin Story

This constant criticism and media attention made him bitter towards the whole business; still, he somehow managed it. But his mind was somewhere else as this was not his calling. On the other side, due to his philanthropic nature and extravagant playboy habits, maximum people were jealous of him. But he had some extremely loyal people to work with, especially his secretary Miss Pepper Potts. Miss Potts became Mrs. Stark later, but that is a whole another story altogether.

Now while doing arms workshop with Afghanistan military force, he gets kidnapped by some terrorist force. They took him to a small cave, almost grabbed his life, and forced him to make some bombs and missiles for him. He was practically dead, but luckily he had a fellow doctor with him who saved his life. After revival, that doctor and tony wanted to escape, and for surviving, they needed something to fight.

The Whole Story

With that intention in mind, they started to make the Iron man body suit quietly, even under the constant surveillance of terrorists. They thought they both are making some particular missile for them. So when the iron man suit was almost ready, the terrorist group suspected something and wanted to kill them. The doctor and Tony were just about to charge the suit, but in halfway done, they killed the doctor. With that half done suit somehow tony managed to escape from that cave with the help of the US army search party.

The US army cornel General Rhodes was another faithful friend stark, and they took us back to home. After returning home, Tony understood what irreversible harm he and his family have done to innumerable people. That is when he fully upgraded that incomplete suit with his indigenous mind and declared himself Iron man.

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