How To Buy Marvel Comics At A Discount

Have you ever wondered how you can buy Marvel comics at a discount? You’ve always been a superhero comics fan. Or for others, you’ve finally become one especially when the Marvel cinematic universe came into the picture. But you have to admit, getting an authentic Marvel comic book is quite the challenge. 

That’s why we’re with a shortlist of how to do it, and do it without burning a hole in your pocket! Take a look at the to-dos for buying comic books at a fair price. 

Buy Marvel Comics At A Discount: A Bit Of History

It seems like it was only yesterday when Marvel released their very first superhero comic book in 1939. It featured a very familiar character we’ve loved ever since— the Human Torch. Back then, the company was still under its old name, Timely Comics. 

Later on, with other competitors shooting out superhero after superhero just as fast as Marvel was, it finally caught on. Comic books, specifically superhero comic books, began to have a following. Small, but strong. Until it reached its Silver Age by the 1940s, and its Golden Age by the 1950s into the 60s. 

However, as you may already know, sales took a dip soon after. A decade passed and they started getting attention again, but not nearly as close to its Golden Age. But now, Marvel comics are at an all-new high, and are continually gaining audiences because of their cinematic universe! 

So, it’s totes understandable how you just can’t get your hands off their line of comic books! Only, the original copies are quite the price. Skyrocket-high, if we may say so. Thus, here’s how to do it, the budget-friendly way.

Buy Marvel Comics At A Discount: How To Purchase Marvel Comic Books 

1. Get To Browsing 

There’s no miracle secret to this. Girls and guys, you have to scout the comic book shops in your area. Not only that but also bookstores, groceries, 7/11s and similar outlet shops, random magazine racks in department stores, you name it. This is one way of being able to canvas comic books firsthand. At the same time, you’ll be able to mark which shops have overpriced items and which ones don’t.

Also, watch out for book sales! This goes for bazaars, street markets, second-hand stuff, the list goes on.

You’ll be surprised at how even stores that aren’t dedicated comic book shops have better priced comic books. 

Which leads us to #2. 

2. Get To Jotting 

Jotting the names of the shops you’ve visited and scribbling which ones have what kinds of comic books. Along with this, which ones have prices that are within your own budget range. 

Additionally, you’ll find this habit very helpful in the long run. Why? You’ll be able to start comparing when stores raise their prices or when they dip. You’ll be able to notice the pattern of when they have new releases and more. 

3. Get To Browsing… Online 

This one’s very much related to numbers 1 and 2. There’s a stigma towards online purchasing when it comes to buying Marvel comics. And you have to be careful about being duped in terms of receiving something that’s legit and authentic as opposed to a mere copy. 

Still, you can find gems online, too, so long as you’re patient in going through the many online platforms for comic book-selling. Read the seller’s profile, take note of the comments made by previous buyers, etc. 

By the way, you might be interested in checking out Mile High Comics, Discount Comic Book Service, or Midtown Comics. 

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