Good superhero movies in Hollywood

Good Superhero Movies

Many viewers may have noticed that Hollywood is now experiencing some crisis.

We are not referring to the epidemic, nor is it politically correct. These are temporary problems, not a crisis. Their real crisis is that the original ability that they have been proud of for many years has now encountered a bottleneck.

On the one hand, these superheroes have long been based on comics, and stories and characters are readily available. On the other hand, these movies can maximize Hollywood’s advanced technology, and attract a large number of viewers to pay for tickets.

Some of the good superheroes movies of Hollywood include:

Batman: The Mystery of the Shadow

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Rating 8.2/10.0

The literal translation of “Batman” is “Origin”.

This film is completely faithful to the setting of the original version of “The Dark Knight Returns” in 1986. It clearly introduces Batman’s origins and portrays Batman’s inner changes vividly.

The film is directed by the famous director Christopher Nolan and is the first part of the Batman trilogy. Once it came out, it broke the box office record of IMAX theaters and was praised by the BBC as the best Batman movie

Batman: Rise of the dark knight

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Rating 8.4/10.0

This film is the finale of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and the story ends here perfectly. The film style continues the previous dark wind, Nolan made a perfect summary of his talent here. He also became the first director to complete the production of the Batman trilogy

The look and feel of this film are excellent, provided that you haven’t seen the previous one.


Rating 8.5/10.0

But he was originally a good man, it was this dirty society that made him a clown

It’s not an action movie, it has no clear subjective intentions, it just shows you a little bit of the dark side of society just right, and for that, we are all in love with this supervillain

This film is the most profitable Super British movie ever. Warner can’t do anything, but their director core system is still very effective.

Batman: The Dark Knight

Rating 9.0/10.0

On the famous IMDB250, 246 positions have been changing. Only the top four movies have never changed. So far only these four movies have scores above 9: “Shawshank’s Redemption”, “The Godfather”, “The Godfather 2”, “Batman: The Dark Knight”

This film is also the only Batman movie without the word “Batman” in the title

The film is like an opera, and every frame of the picture is full of sadness and strength. It is a work of art, for thousands of people to admire.

To borrow a comment from the “Hollywood Film Manual”: “The Dark Knight” is the first comic-based film that has truly achieved great artistic achievements so far

Maybe it can be modified, it is the only one.

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