Five Easy Female Superhero Costumes For Halloween

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Halloween has been celebrated for centuries now, as we all know. All that costumes, fun rituals like ‘trick or treat’, making jack-o’-lantern, and the spooky vibe are just a few of them. It is one of those times which allows you to dress like your favourite characters. Not just for young people but adults and elders do have a lot of fun during Halloween. Dressing up as your favourite female superhero is almost on every girl’s bucket list but finding the perfect female superhero costume or making one at home without making a hole in your pockets can be a bit difficult. Not anymore though as here we have come up with some easy female superhero costumes for Halloween.

Wonder Woman

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Wonder woman is one female superhero character who is loved by not only female fans but male fans as well. Anyone who is into superhero movies is well aware of this DC comic character. From that red and blue costume to the thigh-high boots and the headgear, no wonder(pun intended) it would make any girl look super cool on Halloween. Though the costume for Wonder woman has evolved over the years, these things remain unchanged. If you want to channelise your inner female superhero on Halloween evening, you should definitely go for this at least once in life.

Harley Quinn

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Again, from the DC comics, the character Harley Quinn comes across as the love interest of the supervillain joker. Unlike others, Harley Quinn is not the typical character one would come across in a superhero movie. In spite of this fact, her character possesses a huge fan base. The look and costume for this character are also very unique in their own right. The iconic blonde pigtails with pink and blue tips, a graphic top, short shorts, a lettered choker make the whole look absolutely stunning. We can definitely say that this is one character who has also become a fashion icon over the years and that makes it perfect for becoming Harley Quinn on Halloween.

Black Widow

As the name suggests, the costume for Black Widow is an all-black outfit which makes it look very gorgeous. If you are a person who is in love with the colour black, you cannot be thinking of grabbing anything else other than a stunning black costume of Black Widow. The fully covered black bodysuit is made preferably out of leather along with the belt and hair left open. It is extremely easy to create yet looks marvellous. If you do not want to put in way too much effort and still want to look gorgeous then this is your costume.


Yes, you read that right! It is no longer the era of just superman so now it’s high time that we make a way for supergirl in our lives as well as our Halloween parties. As the name suggests, the costume for supergirl is of a similar kind as superman, just the female version of it. Blue vest with the iconic symbol, red skirt and the red cape, it has it all! Though Supergirl has come into existence not very long ago, it is already winning hearts. If you want to go for a costume that shows feminine strength then this has to be added to your cart for Halloween shopping.

Felicity Smoak

Once more from the DC universe and with nothing like a conventional female superhero look, Felicity Smoak had to be on this list for some reasons that are good enough. This particular character can be created in a blink of an eye because everything is available at home! She dresses and looks like any other girl so all you need is specs. So for someone who doesn’t want to spend at all on a Halloween costume or even for someone who is not up for dressing beyond her comfort zone, here comes Felicity Smoak for the rescue. 


Halloween can never be celebrated properly without costumes and these easy female superhero costumes for Halloween are here to make a change for every girl who doesn’t want to channelise her inner superhero or we can also say shero. These costumes can be bought online as there are plenty of them available. Also getting them made at home can be an option. Not only the costumes for these specific characters but even the accessories along with them can be made at home. DIY ways are easily available online for the same. So worrying about what to wear or how to dress on Halloween evening is so last season.

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