Female Superhero Comics – Why Is Female Superhero Comics So Popular?

Female Superhero Comics

There are several reasons why a female reader might enjoy female super hero comics. Let’s look at just a few of those reasons.

Attract More Female Readers

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One of the most obvious reasons why female readers would enjoy super heroine comic books is because it allows them to be a superhero themselves. When a female reader reads superhero comic books she is allowed to have a superhero alter ego. Sometimes this is a more realistic sounding one such as a female nurse who fights crime, sometimes it is a fantasy like character such as super hero supermodel and actress. Either way, the heroine allows her to be a real, live human being and not some magical creature that only exist in comic book stories.

The other reason why female readers might enjoy female superhero comic books is because super hero comics allow for a story arc that doesn’t need to deal with many things at once. While women might have issues that need to be addressed at one time, they usually deal with the same issue over again. It’s common for superheros to meet their doom at one point and to get saved from death or another major disaster once in awhile. As a result, superhero comics don’t often have many other stories going on at one time.

Some of the super heroes are actually very well written, with great dialogue that provides real insight and emotion. While this might not appeal to many readers, others will appreciate the fact that superheroes aren’t only there to save the day. While they may be there to do that, they also do a lot of other things as well.

Female Super Hero Comics With Romance

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There are also female super hero comics that involve romance. This is nice, as most female readers would rather read about super heroics than about love. These romance plots are usually pretty much all about two people falling in love and becoming happy together.

The last reason why female super hero comics are appealing to women is because the female characters in the stories don’t have to suffer, or be objectified. Often times the female characters in superhero comics will have their own personality and flaws. They are real people and not just a plot device or something that can be used for entertainment purposes.

There are several places to buy female super hero comics. Many online stores now sell a variety of books that cater to women. While the price may be more expensive than regular books you still have access to a whole variety of books for the price.

Consider Looking For Online Comics

If you have any interest in female superhero comics, you should definitely look into buying your favorite super hero books at an online store. The only difference is that you won’t have to be a member of the super-hero club. The selection is so much wider than the standard bookstores. You’ll have access to more books that are written by female authors and contain a wide variety of super hero titles.

Summing Up

Although there are many different types of popular female super hero comics, one of the best things about them is that they can be read by almost anyone. If you have an interest in reading more female superhero comics then it’s worth looking into buying a few titles.

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