Fantastic Superheroes For Women To Look For

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There are many compelling female characters who act as superheroes in the movies Marvel and DC. Some of these female heroes are so strong that they could lift a tank, shift a planet, or blast a building. There are few female heroes who could match their male counterparts in terms of strength. Following is the list of ten top powerful female superheroes. Let us look through the blog Five Fantastic Superheroes For Women to Look For.

Names Of Fantastic Superheroes For Women


Undermentioned are few of the Fantastic Superheroes For Women to Look For and the significant roles played by these fantastic women. Who have become significant idols for many people around the world.

Jessica Jones

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One of the significant superhero woman characters is Jessica Jones.
The family of Jessica Jones was killed in an accident when he was a teenager, and he was exposed to radioactive materials. She realized that she possessed superhuman qualities when she came out of a coma after the accident. Jessica Jones was so modest that she never revealed her prowess to anyone. She was capable of doing everything as once she lifted a police van and thrown it away. Also, punched a metal box and made a hole in it, and uplifted a tree from the ground along with its roots. She can easily lift two thousand kilograms. In the Netflix series Jessica Jones, she has been underplayed but still powerful than other human beings.

Molly Hayes

Molly Hayes is a fictional superhero in American comics published by Marvel comics. The character was first introduced in the award-winning series Runaways. Her parent’s characters were of telepaths, who could read the minds of other people, and she was also examined at the time of her birth for the X-Gene, and she tested negative. Molly’s nickname was Bruiser, and her genes were extraordinary to make her unassailable and most potent.


Mera is a fictional superheroine in American comics by DC comics. She is more durable than a superhero in the movie Aquaman. The hero of the film spent his childhood on land, whereas she remained under the water her entire life. She has to toil to become powerful for apparently more years depending upon how difficult to sustain underwater. Whose pressure is approximately one thousand per square inch.


Another American actress Halle Berry played the character of Storm. An intimidating superheroine in the movie ” X-Men” is yet another feather in her cap by giving such an impressive performance.
Many people come to Fox studio for auditions to work in the television and try to give their best. The Storm is one of the characters of the comic book series. Which is a quote by Berry during a session at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. There is a lot of room to improve in the character of the Storm in the upcoming movies said, Alexandra Shipp. An American actress who has featured in “X-MEN: Apocalypse” as silver- mohawked Storm

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