Family Of 4 Halloween Costumes Ideas – A Pirate’s Guide

family of 4 halloween costumes

How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year without your family of 4? They love Halloween festivals like Trick or Treating and you love being with them on Halloween too. So how are you going to make Halloween a memorable one for all? Here are some ideas that will surely make your Halloween night more fun:

Halloween Costume Guide

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Cute costumes

Dress your kids in their cute Halloween dresses. There are so many different cute costumes for kids including the ones in the picture. Your child can be the Prince or Princess in the castle in the dress with a cape and crown or just wear their football jerseys if they are fans of any team. Best girl Halloween dresses are those with flower designs like holly leaves or cherry blossoms. Your son or daughter can be an angel or devil in a fairy costume with a skirt and long wings or dress up as Donald Duck.

Character costumes

Are you a little more daring? You can dress your child as any famous character in the world of theatre, literature or movie. If your child is scared of spiders, you can choose to be bitten by one or you can dress up as Vicky in “Dangerous” or as the ghost in “The Ring”. Your daughter can be Marilyn Monroe or she can be her favourite superheroine, Willy Wonka. Your son can be any character from fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood or The Nutcracker or he can be Willy Wonka, the Chocolate Factory owner. Your husband can be any character from the story including the wise man or fool.

Where can you find such a cool and scary family of 4 Halloween Costumes? If you don’t have any idea where to look for cute and funny costumes, then check out the internet. You can get access to a huge collection of costumes with a few clicks of your mouse. Simply choose a movie and you will get some suggestions of what to dress up as. If you need some more inspiration, then browse through the pages of the net. You will find an array of funny costumes such as witches, wizards, ghosts, princesses and more.

Cops and robbers

When it comes to costumes of cops and robbers, these are some of the most popular themes for this special occasion. You can choose to be cops or robbers; choose to be a bad cop or a good cop; there are many options to choose from. A pair of jeans, a shirt and a tie are all that you need for these costumes.

To make your DIY family of 4 halloween getup more fun, you should also add some accessories like face paint and glitter. Make sure you get the right type of face paint and glitter for this costume idea. There are so many designs to choose from, if you can not decide which one to pick, then just try to combine two designs. Otherwise, you can simply buy a pair of matching costumes and mix and match. The glitter can really add some character to your costume.


The next Halloween inspiration that I want to show you is of course pirates. This is another great family of 4 costume ideas that you will surely love. With pirates, you have two choices to choose from, your first choice will be the buccaneer and your second choice will be the captain. A pirate’s hat, sword, bandanna, skull cap and sword cane are only some of the accessories that you can add to your pirate costume. These are some of the best accessories that you can buy for your pirate costume.

End Note

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As I said earlier, the last Halloween ideas that I want to show you are of course the horrid and evil characters that we unfortunately come to know on our Halloween holiday. Here, you will get some great ideas for your vampires, witches and spiders, which will certainly make you more scary than ever before! You can buy some glowing wands, vampire fangs, a skeleton headband and a broomstick, or even a rolled up scarf if you would like to achieve the appearance of darkness.

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