Do You Think Spider-Man Is The Real Hero?

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Having Marvel Comic’s original Superhero Spider-man as the cover boy for the last couple of issues of Amazing Spider-Man impressed me as an adult, and brought to mind those days of reading comic books as a kid. There was something so neat about that image of Peter Parker swinging across the rooftops of New York City, toting his new spider-senses, and looking very much like Spider-Man.

A lot of what Spider-Man stands for as a character and a concept comes from the fact that he is straight out of central casting, and very much out of our world of high tech gadgets and mass media, and into the realm of straight out fantasy. As an adult, I find it refreshing to see a more grounded superhero, but still fun to read about, especially if you are a fan of the source material.

Know About The Spider-Man Character

That character, Spidey, comes from the X-Men comics series of Marvel Superheroes, which I’m pretty sure is the first superhero comic book series that was ever published. For the most part, the characters in those comics would be considered “real” superheroes, including super-powered people who were only wearing costumes.

Do You Think Spider Man Is The Real Hero?
Do You Think Spider Man Is The Real Hero?

But the fact that he is “just a superhero” or “just a guy in a costume” does not make him any less interesting or any less enjoyable. He is a more grounded superhero than Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, but with enough power to make him a formidable opponent, if not a formidable friend.

It was the spirit of Spider-Man’s style, humor, and attitude that made him such a great choice to be the cover boy for the final Marvel Superheroes volume. It also seems to have the added bonus of having the effect of making this comic book series that much more timeless.

Spider-Man The Super Hero

The long, flowing black coat, the webs in his fingers, the look of suspense as he holds on to the edge of a building. It all brings back memories of years ago when I was still a kid, and it would be hard to imagine that I was even reading a comic book for the first time.

Of course, that’s just a superhero cartoon for the kids of God’s own country, the United States of America. But that’s how it is for me, and it is one of the reasons why I love this line of Marvel Superheroes so much.

I want to be like Spider-Man, I want to be able to save the world like Spider-Man, and I also want to do all the things that he does. It’s something that kids want and that grownups want, and it feels good to be able to identify with something like that.

Do You Think Spider Man Is The Real Hero?
Do You Think Spider Man Is The Real Hero?

Go Shopping To The Malls And Find The Coolest Superheroes

But, it doesn’t mean that is one of the last ones in the mall not has its drawbacks. There are times that I want to go out on my own, where I can go shopping without having a middle-aged woman shrieking at me in the checkout line, or other people staring in amazement as I wave through the check-out line at the till.

But, I don’t want to go shopping at the local mall. I want to go shopping at the mall that has the coolest superheroes.

Just like the one I am in right now, that’s worth being on my own with. But, that does not mean that I am an egomaniac, or that I am better than others, because, after all, they are just one man in a suit, carrying a bag full of groceries.

Bottom Line

I have spent many hours researching and thinking about this one issue, and I think that a lot of it applies to every man who walks the face of the Earth. The fact that we are all just one man with a bunch of powers, in this case, one spider, and all other superpowers are just marvel superheroes, are the reason why I love this series so much.

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