DC Universe Movies: Justice League Movie Review

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A Justice League movie review. There are tons of them out there, and to be honest, you’ve seen more rotten tomatoes (not the actual site) than any other comic book adaptation. But here, we’ll be giving you fan-opinions that are devoid of comparisons from the actual comic books to the film itself. 

After all, that has always been an issue, hasn’t it? It’s tough for a 2-hour movie (or less) to live up to its hundred-paged comic book origin. That being said, here are our 2-cents on DC’s Justice League silver screen debut. 

Justice League Movie Review: The Plot 

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DC Universe Movies: Justice League Movie Review

For observers who aren’t followers of the world-bending DC universe (We don’t mean us. We mean first-time viewers of the League’s main characters), it’s entertaining. Don’t judge us just yet! 

We are not, AT ALL, saying that it lives up to its paged masterpiece. Oh, no-no. What we ARE saying is that as a movie in itself, it’s not that bad. And yes, we’re feeling the dagger-stares that DC Comics enthusiasts are giving us right now. 

But think of it. The plot, to be specific. DC’s Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and of course, the Superman team-up. Also, no comparisons to their Marvel rival, okay? Let’s be tunnel-visioned here for a second. 

The O.G.s joining forces (as cheesy as this sounds, yet very fitting, to be straightforward about it) to fight a common enemy. One who’s hunting Mother Boxes in order to end the world as we know it, and have dominion over the galaxies. 

DC Universe Movies: Character Review

Now, we won’t be going into detail here. There’s not much time (and space). Plus, you can do so by returning to the comic books themselves (which is always something we highly recommend). 

Bruce Wayne took the responsibility to himself— to call for a band of superheroes who will battle against anything and anyone who poses a threat to humanity, peace, and justice. Add to that how every character has his or her own strengths that make each one unique. 

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DC Universe Movies: Justice League Movie Review

Granted that many still believe Superman is much too weakness-free (sans Kryptonite), the Amazon princes Diana has her super strength and speed, the Lasso of Truth, and her deflectors (as we call them), namely her tiara and cuffs. 

Then, The Flash, who, though is new to this who superhero shenanigan, has speed light no other, and portrayed the role with a fresh take (Unlike his soap-opera version on television. No offence, people! We love the show, too. Only, we admit that it’s really more on the cheesy side). 

Afterwards, Aquaman is back with grit. Which, already, is a win. I mean even the costume change from bright orange and green to body-tats and whatnot, that’s pretty rad. Although to be fair, we got a glimpse of that in Batman VS Superman. Still, these changes stopped people from giggling at the sea god who can talk to fish (technically, it’s a kind of telekinesis, but yeah). 

Superman and Batman, most of the non-comics followers have heard of, or have seen on screen, in the many adaptations about these 2 iconic heroes. But then Cyborg was in the picture. Despite the fact that his backstory wasn’t exactly played out as clearly as what many would’ve wanted, he’s another distinct part of the League, with his part-human, mostly-liquid metal, with tech that evolves almost as quickly as he breathes. 

We can go on and on at why looking at Justice League strictly as a movie, it works. Still, what do you think? 

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