DC Superhero Movies – Aquaman And Batman And Wonder Woman

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DC Comics popular superheroes, The Flash and Wonder Woman, have exploded in popularity after more than a decade of being staples of the comic book world. Many people who were never familiar with these heroes before find themselves quickly becoming fans. The success of these two DC Comics superheros is the main reason why there are now several DC superhero movies in development. These movies will provide comic book fans with much hope for another exciting comic book adventure. Let’s take a look at some of the DC superhero movies that are in development right now.

The Dark Knight Revolves Around The Destruction Of Gotham City And The Dark Knights Arrival

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The first film in the Batman Franchise is The Dark Knight. This is the third installment in the Batman series and the last Batman movie, to be directed by Christian Bale. The Dark Knight revolves around the destruction of Gotham City and the Dark Knight’s arrival. It is expected to be a psychological thriller as much as a traditional superhero movie. Oscar winner Christian Bale will once again star as the iconic Batman and Anne Hathaway will play the beautiful and strong Wonder Woman. The lead protagonist, Batman, won’t be involved in the comic book story anymore.

Another of the DC superhero movies in development is the Man of Steel. This will be directed by Henry Cavill and has a screenplay by Guy Ritchie. The movie will likely be based on the same concept as the original comic books and it will also feature Tom Hardy as the villain, Steppenwolf.

Black Panther And Wonder Woman

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Two other DC superhero movies in development are Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Black Panther will be directed by the soon to be famousume Man Of Steel director; Guy Ritchie. The movie will be based on the very successful Chinese martial arts movie, Tai Chi Chuan. The movie will star Cavill as well as Anne Hathaway, who are playing the role of the powerful Amazon warrior and protector of Wakali, Themyscira. Wonder Woman will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who is best known for her writing of Batman: Earth Knight and Superman Returns.

The next DC superhero movie in development is The Dark Knight. This is a massive movie, which is expected to be as long as those released in Batman and Superman series. It is also the start of the Batman franchise, after the untimely death of the original Batman, who was killed during the latter’s crime fighting crusade. The second film in the Dark Knight series will be directed by Christian Bale and also star Anne Hathaway.

Aquaman And The Long Awaited Justice League Movie

One other movie in the works is the forthcoming Hellboy movie. This will be the third superhero movie to be filmed in New Zealand and the second Hellboy film that will be directed by Dougherty. The movie is expected to be released in summer of 2021. This will be the start of a new franchise for Universal Studios and they have already announced two more sequels to the successful Hellboy series. There will also be a TV series based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman called Hellmouth.

The last two DC superhero movies that I will discuss are the forthcoming Aquaman and the long awaited Justice League movie. Both of these movies are sure bets and should do very well at the box office. The main character in Aquaman is Aquaman himself and the Justice League consists of members from all three of the DC comics. The Aquaman movie is directed by James Wan and it is supposed to star Tom Cruise, Heard, and Seagal. The cast includes Marion Cotillard as the villainous Queen Lakshmi, Michael Chiklis as Aquaman, Gordon Shepherd as the father of modern day Aquaman, Jason Momoa as the interim leader of the Justice League, and Geoff Johns as the Green Lantern.

Last Words

In the lead up to the release of the Aquaman movie we will see the release of the third Man of Steel film starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. Affleck will be playing Batman in the new movie, but he is not expected to be in any form of interaction with either Superman or Wonder Woman. There are many rumors and speculations as to whether or not they will cross paths in any of the future DC comic book movies. They may do so in the future, but it is unlikely at this time. In terms of the DC comic book world, no one knows who will ultimately fill the role of the savior of mankind. Right now everyone is just hoping for the best.

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