DC Comics Interesting Facts

Comic collections are a lifetime set of mesmerizing memories which remain with you for a long time to come. When you read a good comic, you get to relive the characters. However, the characters need to be wonderful enough to make an impression on you. For this, the creators of the comic characters should also be efficient enough. One of such companies is DC Comics.

Awesome Facts About DC Comics

DC Comics: Some Interesting Facts
DC Comics: Some Interesting Facts

DC Comics is an American publisher of comic books which has given many classic superheroes to the world. However, there are some interesting facts about the Comics which will make your reading all the more lively.

Love Story Between Wonder Woman And Green Lantern In DC Comics

DC Comics: Some Interesting Facts
DC Comics: Some Interesting Facts

Originally, creators of the particular comic wanted to draw a love story between the Green Lantern and the Wonder Woman. However, they scrapped the idea when a fan also gave a particular idea. Due to legal problems, the comic creators were not able to carry on with the idea.


Interestingly, Earth-23 is a planet created in the DC Multiverse. The interesting aspect is that the plant is inhabited by all the black versions of the DC characters. Barack Obama was the inspiration for Black Superman while Beyonce Knowles was the inspiration for Wonder Woman.

Green Arrow’s Chili

Green Arrows chili is known to be the spiciest food item in the DC Universe. It is only possible for Batman and Green Arrow from comics to eat the chili.

David Bowie

David Bowie was once considered to play the role of Joker in the Batman film of Tim Burton in the year 1989. Though the role was played by Jack         Nicholson, there are some artists who still continue their drawings of the joker on David Bowie.

The Joker’s Mask

The mark which is being worn by the Joker in the Dark Knight’s first scene was actually an inspiration. It was actually inspired by the makeup which Joker used to disguise himself in the earlier episode of the television series named ‘The Joker is Wild.’


Hawkeye is the only esteemed character who holds the honor of being a part of both the Avengers and the Justice League. No other character of DC is a part of both of these series.

Vibe: Superhero Of DC Comics

Vibe was a superhero which was once created by the DC comics. He was actually a breakdancer whose ability was to dance for justice. His powers of dancing created sound waves. However, the superhero did not get popular and the said comic soon recognized it to be a lame character. Thus, he was actually killed off after a few episodes only.

Full-Form Of DC Comics

The full form of DC in the name in the original comic series is “Detective Comics.” This makes the DC Comics stand for “Detective Comics Comics.”

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a powerful immortal character in the DC Universe. His bone dust in the said comics was once used by John Constantine to snort like cocaine.

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