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The DC Universe has a lot of classic characters to choose from and with all of their titles, issues and adventures, it can be quite confusing as to which version of any particular hero you’re looking up. This is where DC Comic editors come in. These are the people that handle the majority of the superhero content for DC Comics. They will determine if a story is worth reading, and if it’s worth putting into print. Editors work on a number of different levels, and these levels help to define what kind of content will be put out under their watchful eye. Let’s take a look at some of the most important editors in this article.

An Overview

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For starters, we have John Broucher, editor-in-chief of the DC comics’ main series. One of the most important things that he does is review every aspect of the comic book, and then make suggestions on how to fix or enhance it, according to the needs of the readers. For example, in the Green Lantern storyline, an evil organization called Black Lantern has recruited several superheros to fight the Lantern. However, the Lantern ends up losing his ring and must now find a way to either get it back or have someone replace him.

In order to do this, he contacts one of his good friends, Wonder Woman, who has her own comic series. John then brings in other members of the DC crew, including Batman, batgirl, Robin and Wonder Woman, in order to help him with his plan. Finally, he sends his daughter, Princess Diana, to do the Green Lantern’s ring, and save the universe.

Best Actors

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Another DC Comics editor working at DC is Greg Berlanti, who is the showrunner and co-writer behind several of the most popular DC TV shows, such as Smallville and Arrow. While he does edit some of the main articles himself, most of his time is spent helping others with their own creative work. One of his favorite projects is doing the Black Canary story, which he did for the animated TV series. He also has written a few issues of the Batman comics, and is currently working on a special comic book based on the DC film Dark Knight Rises. No doubt he’ll be one of the voices heard over the next few Batman movies, especially his role in the new Dark Knight video game.

DC Universe Editor in Chief Jim Heck, has the job of keeping everyone on track with the new storylines and the characters. Most of his time is spent on the TV shows, but he has also done several backup comics for storylines that have crossed over from one show to another. For example, in season four of Smallville, Clark Kent made a connection with Superman, which has brought Superman into the main frame of this show. He also has co-written several episodes of the animated Justice League series. No doubt he’ll continue to be a prominent presence in these and many other upcoming DC TV shows.

Best Entertainment

DC Entertainment has recently introduced several classic characters into their comic books. The Death of Superman, written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Todd Hampton, is a fantastic storyline that fans are going crazy over. Supergirl, who has had her own series since late 2021, continues to battle her evil counterparts while learning to be a better person. In the latest Superman series, written by Greg Berlanti, Superman finds himself pitted against the villain Brainiac, who has the ability to give him special powers.

This article will focus on the villains in the DC Universe, focusing on the members of the Justice League: The New Earth heroes, the future members of the Justice League, the members of the alien race known as the Galactic Guardians, and the evil Dark Knight. The villain Hal Jordan, from the popular cartoons and comic books, is an important member of the Justice League. He is known for his insane speed, strength, and flight ability. In the latest movie, Dark Phoenix, he is shown to have some psionic powers, making him the most powerful telepath on the planet.


The New Earth is Superman, who was born on planet Krypton and is a human boy. He has the unique abilities of flying, super strength, and unlimited strength, which make him the force to be reckoned with when combating villains on many different planets. The Flash is another human boy who was born on planet Earth, and possesses the same skills as Superman. The Green Lantern, an ancient alien who travels between worlds, and the Martian Man, who travel between the planet Mars and its sun, make appearances in some of the episodes of the animated DC television program.

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