DC And MCU Complete Guide

Twilight Period Of The Superheroes

Superhero movies have become a modern obsession in cinema. Moreover starting with the Avengers, Captain America to the Dark Knight Rise, the trend ain’t going anywhere. Therefore DC and MCU always see a neck to neck competition. Moreover for decades now, the war waged movies see no end.

DC and MCU a complete guide and more

The Marvel Game Path:

X-men started the trend of dark and damaged superheroes in 2000. Its success was followed by several other sequels. Moreover Marvel sold off most of its characters including Wolverine, Ghost Buster, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. However, the rise of Iron Man in 2008 changed the game of superhero movies. This strengthened the Marvel’s step in the game.

The format of an In-House production is followed by the majority of Marvel’s comic incarnation. Therefore these movies stayed interlinked with the universe. Hulk, Thor, Captain America see Phase 3 rolling their way making their big-screen debut.

The Detective Comic Game Path:

Despite creating the most iconic characters, DC saw a sporadic success. DC was the first ever to make film adaptations on the 70’s superheroes. Therefore the old-age Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman was a huge success. Nolan’s Batman trilogy remains to date.

This wonder trilogy is outweighed by duds like Batman and Robin, Cat women and Green Lantern. DC still is trying hard to fight back at Marvel’s million-dollar success. Moreover the main threat DC still fear is Man of Steel in 2013.

A Walk Through The Superhero Game: DC And MCU

Several superheroes movies and TV shows that have been mapped out in 2020.

Wonder Women (DC):
DC’s first female lead cast movie. Based on the story of an Amazonian princess using all her power to bring justice in the world. The movie includes an epic spanning of Greek history combined with World War II.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Marvel):
This is a strong force of Sony and Marvel to bring a third dimension to Spiderman. Marvel’s most iconic character in his younger version fighting against foes. This movie sees the guest appearance of Iron Man and Captain America.

DC and MCU a complete guide and more

More Superheroes And More: DC And MCU

Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel):
This movie embraces the madness of the Guardians of Galaxy. The storyline sees Thor and Hulk in gladiatorial combat. The movie also sees the rising threat of Asgard and the return of Loki. This movie also sees the sneak peek of Dr. Strange.

Justice League Part I (DC):
This debut is a big step for DC. Justice League is a super team of all DC superheroes. Big hitters such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman make their hit. Sadly Snyder steps down from the debut and Whedon does the final touches.

Aquaman And Marvel:

Aquaman (DC):
This stars Momoa and his part as The Lord of Atlantis. This is large underwater action movie that takes you on the ride in the underwater.

Captain Marvel (Marvel):
In the comics, Marvel is human with alien powers but the movie remains a mystery. Not much of the details and plots are revealed. The movie sees Carol Danvers’s version of the character.

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