Dark Secrets Behind Comic Books (#4 Is Pretty Creepy)

Comic books may seem like light-hearted picture books, but a lot of them have deeper and more sinister backstories that you might never have heard of. Here are some of the dark secrets behind the most popular comic books our generation has grown to love.

Mark Gruenwald’s Ashes

A close up of a book

Mark Gruenwald is a legendary editor and writer for Marvel. According to the legend, he stated in his will that his ashes must be used as part of the comic books. At first, his wife thought this was just a joke. After her husband died, she carried out his dying wish.

Gruenwald is best known for his ten-year involvement in writing Captain America back in 1985 to 1995. His proudest creation was a 12-issue limited series named Squadron Supreme. Gruenwald was cremated and his ashes were mixed with the ink that was used to print the paperback that housed all twelve different issues.

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