Comic Female Superheroes

The Top 7 DC Comic Female Superheroes

The DC comic female superheroes indicate that superheroes are not discriminated based on gender. Here are the best female superheroes who got accepted widely. 

Wonder Woman – The Best DC Comic Female Superheroes

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The Top 7 DC Comic Female Superheroes

Wonder woman is a goddess, and she is one of the A-list heroes. Wonder woman is the feminist icon who has a significant influence on the whole world.

The solo movie of wonder woman was in the year 2017, and there were so many discussions and debates on the movie. Wonder woman is a beautiful dc comic female superhero created in the year 1941. The hero is the combination of fetish character and utopian hero.

Her story covers the adventures of the justice league, Greek mythology, and also the political allegory associated with a conventional superhero team. She is one of the most potent female superheroes. 

Cat Woman

Marvel has so many famous mainstream superheroines, while DC has many female villains. Harley Quinn and Catwoman enjoy the popularity as the morally ambiguous and engaging characters with better canonical interpretations. Origin of Catwoman was a burglar and is a famous antagonist to Batman.

Many of the popular DC comic superheroes wear very tight clothes, which gives her a sexually obscene image. However, the Catwoman is the female superhero who considers performative sex as an integral part of her character. There are many insulting depictions which are highly exploitative due to this nature of the heroes.

Storm DC Comic Female Superheroes

Storm’s name is Ororo Munroe, and she is the weather goddess and queen. Moreover, she is the leader of mutants. There are significant changes in her looks from the punk looks of the 80s to the very appealing look with her lightning powers.

She does not have many solo comics but is a popular one among the X-men characters. She is the leader of X-men and also shares romantic chemistry with Black Panther, king of Wakanda. 

Harley Quinn

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The Top 7 DC Comic Female Superheroes

Harley Quinn a character in Batman movies. She became very popular with the batman series. She is the quirky sidekick and also joker’s lover. Her role is very controversial, and it means different things to various people.

Some people consider her as a sensitive portrayal to the mental ailments, a survivor of an abusive relationship, or sexy in a quirky way. She has much popularity and star value, which made her the center of attraction in the suicide squad. 

Captain Marvel DC Comic Female Superheroes

Captain Marvel became popular with the solo movie on her in 2019. Marvel’s jumpsuit is trendy among the people. Moreover, it has a significant role as a cosplay staple. The actual powers of Captain Marvel are very conservative and include super strength, energy projection, and flight. She became popular with high-quality comics on her. 

Jean Grey 

Jean Grey became part of the X-Men team during 1963. Moreover, she has gone through a lot of changes with transformations and plot twists. She is mutant with superpowers like telepathic and telekinetic powers. 

Barbara Gordon

Bat-family has a significant impact on the list of the DC comic female superheroes. Barbara Gordon is Jim Gordon’s daughter. She was a Batgirl, who changed the callsign to oracle when joker broker her spine. 

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