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It’s very difficult to go to a movie these days without finding yourself browsing through countless images of superheroes. From movies to cartoons, superheroes have captivated our imagination for decades. What makes this all the more amazing is that superheroes have been featured in comic books from before the very beginning. Some of these comic books are classic and very popular, while others have become modern pop stars. Whatever their status, superheros have been around for a long time, and here are some of my personal favorites.

Best Superheroes from Comic Books


Probably one of the first superheros that hit the comic book world was Incredible Hulk. This series followed the mischievous alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, who became the Hulk after losing his mind. This was a great concept, and although the character has evolved over the years, he remains one of my favorite superheros. I’m sure you’ve seen this particular version of the Hulk in a number of different media, whether it was a live action film, an animated television series, or even an internet serial.

There were also a lot of animated superheros that hit the comic book world in the 80s, which include the Fantastic Four and X-Men. The Fantastic Four has been a staple of comic book culture for quite some time, and I don’t think any fan can forget the adventures of Reed, Franklin, and Reed’s four children, Sue, Johnny, and Gamma. The cartoon for the X-Men is a little less popular, but still a lot of fun to watch.

The Spider-Man franchise has given us a number of great superheros too. Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been depicted as a nerdy Peter Parker, but now he has a whole rogues gallery of villains to fight crime with. Spider-Man has proven to be one of the most popular superheroes for a number of years, and I have no doubt that we’ll continue to see more of his amazing comic book story. The Spider-Man films, Amazing Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 3 have all shown us that Spidey can truly go toe to toe with every villain that he encounters.

One of the most recent additions to the super heroes universe is X-Men: The New York Team. This group of young X-Men have been featured in a number of comic books, most notably the recently released New York Magazine issue number Twelve. The X-Men series features some of the greatest superheroes ever put to film, and many of my favorites were featured in the original X-Men movie. The newest team of X-Men are Professor X, Storm, Gambit, Jean Grey, and Wolverine. The team has a mission in mind that they must complete before time runs out, and they are going to bring the oldest X-Men member, Professor X, back to life. I absolutely love this team, and I’m looking forward to seeing what future X-Men films will feature them.

There was a pretty huge crossover between the Spider-Man and Batman movies, which I am not so crazy about but it did happen. Most of the X-Men were dispatched to the island of Sokoke to assist the Sokokes in their battle against Baron Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. Doctor Doom was also there on Sokoke’s behalf, and the two villains came to an agreement to rid the world of any living beings that threaten their peace. The X-Men were able to help in the defeat of the villains, and to a certain extent, prevented the destruction of Earth by securing Doctor Doom’s castle under the mountain refuge of Noose Peak.

When it comes to superhero pictures and movies, there is absolutely no substitute for Spider-Man. He is my favorite superheros because of his unique abilities, and because he is such an entertaining character. Spidey is a master thief, and he uses his web shooter creatively, to catch criminals. He is a lovable guy, and most of all he is a fantastic Spider-Man.

End Note

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Spider-Man is not only my favorite superheros, but the other comic book superhero characters are my favorite too. The X-Men, Fantastic Four, Batman, Superman and many other amazing comic book heroes are part of my life. Every once in a while I get to put together a comic book movie weekend rotation with my buddies, and we love to see these superhero movies over again. If you love comics, if you love superhero movies, if you are a fan of Spider-Man, or any other superhero, you need to see them both.

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